Friday, 10 February 2012

Master That Dude and Grasshopper Cyby Talk About Life

Hello my awesome readers!
Here is a vlog with Cyby and myself after skating! :D
You'll get to hear Cyby play Space Ostrich, on talk about his future blog posts :D
Hope you enjoy :)

Keep being awesome!


  1. Thanks for free sponsoring! :D I can't for Cyby's reivew of my videos. And you dudes are hilarious!

    And the square root of pie is 1.77245385.

  2. You're very welcome :D I'm looking forward to seeing his review as well :) Also, I checked out your stop-motion lego vids, and they are really good! :D
    and thanks! :D we try to be as funny as possible, and that means we're just being ourselves :P