Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Cowboys and Zombies pt 3

Hello my awesome readers!
Here is part three of my Halloween Special!
Hope you enjoy :D

Keep being awesome!
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Monday, 28 October 2013

Cowboys and Zombies? pt 2

Hello my awesome readers!
Here is episode two of my Halloween Special series!
Hope you enjoy! :D

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Cowboys and Zombies? pt 1

Hello my awesome readers! Here is the first episode of my Halloween special series! Hope you enjoy! :D

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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

That Dude's Advice of the Day! Fight!-ers

Hello my awesome readers!
I just thought of some advice, so here is an advice of the day post!
The fighting genre is one that I've just recently gotten into, and I'm thoroughly enjoying my experience in it!
For those of you who are also looking to get into fighting games but don't know where to start, I highly recommend Mortal Kombat 9. This is the easiest fighter to pick up and play (from the ones I've played) as well as one of the most fun to play. The basic combos are all quite easy to pick up, and some success against computer opponents can be had by button mashing. Mashing of course is something you'll only want to do very early on :P there are also some good tutorials in MK9 that will teach all the basics.
Another excellent fighter to pick up that is a step higher in complexity than MK9 is Injustice gods Among us. This DC comic fighter is also made by the same people who made MK9 and there are similarities in the mechanics, but there are also added ones, such as interactions with the environment during combat, as well as hero/villain powers. Injustice also features a combat clash system in which combatants wager different amounts of their super meters to win the clash. The winner gaining some health and doing some damage to the loser. Going from MK9 to Injustice is a good transition for skill level and I also highly recommend both games as there mechanics and game play are great!
Now, I have also played Super Street Fighter IV and it is insane! It has a much more difficult learning curve as the combat is extremely fast and combos more awkward to pull off due to the nature of how the player inputs the movements. The reason for this is that many combos are moving the control stick in quarter, half, and full circles, as well as zig-zags and other movements. MK and Injustice both have simpler "Down, forward, triangle" combinations and others of similar nature. I have had success in learning combos in SSFIV but when I went online I was absolutely decimated (Even after hours of practicing the combos, fighting computers, and even looking up some strategies for my character, I still got beaten to a pulp in online matches).
So, my advice to whoever is looking to get into fighters, start with something like MK or Injustice, then move up from there.
Hope you enjoyed!
Keep being awesome!
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Sunday, 8 September 2013

A Little About A Chill br0

Hello everyone 

I am very glad to have the opportunity to post chill stuff on this awesome blog! Before I start posting I would like to tell you a little about my hobbies and interests. I really enjoy playing sports I personally play a lot of football I play on 2 different teams throughout the year and I love it! I also really like snowboarding it is my favorite winter sport of all time. Gaming is one of my favorite hobbies I do it whenever I have time, but sadly that is not a much as I would like to. Do not worry because I will do my best to bring you game video reviews, walkthroughs, lets plays, and more. I really look forward to the Chill future!

Welcome to Chillbr0! Plus Updates!

Hello my awesome readers!

I am happy to welcome a new writer to my blog!
Everyone say hello to my good friend, Chillbr0! :D
Look forward to possible future videos by Chill, and a possible redesign in the blog. I may actually rename it as it is no longer Thoughts of a Dude and a Dudess, but technically thoughts of three dudes and a dudess, so I may make a title that doesn't have to be edited every time an author comes or goes :P
But anyways, I hope to write more posts soon, I've just been having trouble finding the time and inspiration for interesting posts. I've been job hunting as well as planning my future, so kinda a lot on my mind.
Anyway, I look forward to seeing Chillbr0's future posts, and I hope you all enjoy them!
One thing I do still want from you awesome readers are suggestions for topics that you want to hear my opinion on. I will be coming up with posts on my own, but it does help me to know what you guys would like to read about here.
Until next time,
keep being awesome!
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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Two, Please...

Hello, my friend's awesome readers!
My family and I went to the Spring Thaw a while ago, the first big car show of the year here in Awesomeville. After a while, the gravitational pull of this stunning little '37 was too much for me and I had to go gawk at it.

After sufficiently drooling over the hot-roddy goodness, I struck up a conversation with the guy sitting in a lawn chair behind 'er. I don't remember how the conversation evolved, but I said something along the line of loving the late '30s to early '40s Fords, and having a goal to eventually own a 1940 Ford truck, so the guy asked if I wanted to sit in 'er to get an idea of what the '40 will feel like.

 How could I refuse?

Just plain awesome.
I found just one problem with it: It's just a little too cramped in the cabin to accommodate my 5'10" frame. But it would be so worth it.

About an hour later on the other side of the car show was this '41 Stude. I came up from the rear of it and saw the Studebaker badge on the trunk, then came around the passenger side of it and admired the aerodynamic-ish curves.

There were three guys in lawn chairs sitting in front of the Stude, and after a few moments, the guy in the middle whipped around and said in a friendly tone, "Take a picture yet?" Taken slightly aback, I nodded dumbly and said that I was admiring the car's curves because I loved the early '40s cars. Satisfied with my answer, he turned back to the crowd.
After getting a few shots, I said that when I first saw it, I thought it was a Lincoln. He looked slyly at me and placed a finger on the paint a little bit above where the grille started. "Nope, the Lincoln's grille came up a little higher."
Nodding with this new found knowledge, I asked him if it was a '39.
Now, before I get any further, let it be known that on almost all cars at the show was a sheet of paper saying who owned the car, what the car was, and what year it was manufactured. On this car, the sheet was located on the driver side of the car, a place, that if you remember from above, I hadn't seen yet.
He looked slyly at me again and after a moment, it seemed to don on him that I hadn't seen the sheet yet. After this realisation, there was a twinkle of fondness in his eye that someone so young diagnosed a car so accurately. He then said with a smile, "It's a '41."
After a few more moments, he asked if I wanted to sit in it. I said no thank you, which is a mistake I still regret to this day. I don't know why I said it and I still kick myself that I did.

Well, that is it for me. I'm thinking about posting the rest of the photos from that show and from another more recent show on my blog as well as TOADAAD sometime in the future. Look out for it if you like this kind of post.

Peace and chicken grease and I bid you good bricking.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Top 3 Games of 2012 and 2013!

Hello my awesome readers!
So, I haven't been posting because I'm working at a summer camp, and I'm in the kitchen, so it's super busy!
Today I chopped up a bunch of cucumbers and prepared some other food, and other intense action like that :P
Anyway, I have found myself with a good amount of free time, so I'm now writing this post!

So, let's get right into the post!
My list of top 3 games that I played in 2012 starts with a game that brings a really awesome concept to the table!
Number 3!
This game is absolutely amazing in how simple a concept it is, and yet it is very complex in terms of game play. It is a simple story of betrayal, revenge, and the shift of power from group to group, but it is how you approach the tasks that you are given that sets the game apart. Each mission is a sandbox for the player to experiment with. The player is given many available paths that lead to the target. Some paths are optimized for stealth and evasion, while others will have the player at a much higher risk of discovery, though they may at the same time offer a faster way to the destination. Some paths are even hidden, and I can tell you that I have accidentally found shortcuts that I may never have found if I chose to play less adventurously. The supernatural powers that you play with also add an interesting twist to the assassination style of game play. Instead of using a smoke bomb to distract a group of guards, such as in AC, one can summon a swarm of plague rats to attack the guards. Take a leap of faith? Well, there are no bails of hay, but you can survive great falls by possessing a civilian or guard before you hit the ground and splatter. I could go on about all the fun things you can do in this awesome game, but I think you should go play it yourself!:P  So! On to the next game!
Dishonored box art Bethesda.jpg

Number 2!
Far Cry 3:
This game is a huge open world experience! If you love large maps full of life and adventure, then this is the game for you!
The story is interesting, though at times confusing. I have not played the previous Far Cry games, so perhaps they would clarify a few points, but just talking about FC3, the most fun to be had is outside the missions. It is unfortunate that the missions are more linear than free roam because the huge island could be utilized better for the missions, but even with the slightly more linear nature of the missions, Far Cry 3 delivers a good story with some great characters ( Mostly Vaas :P ). You have a healthy arsenal of weapons that include the flame thrower, flare gun, bow ( Amazing bow is amazing! :D), and grenade launcher. And these are just some of the highlights. There are also a vast amount of animals to hunt and be hunted by, and the jungle always feels full of life and you are always kept on your toes.
This game is so much fun to mess around in and I highly recommend it! :D
Far Cry 3 PAL box art.jpg

And finally, we come to the best game that I've played in the past year! It may even be the best game I have ever played!
Dudes and Dudettes, I present Red Dead Redemption!
This is a huge open world adventure, staring John Marston! You play as a former member of a gang of outlaws and your job is to hunt down your former "friends" because the government is holding your family as assurance of your cooperation. The missions are fun and varied, raging from herding cattle and catching wild horses, to chariot races and clearing out gang hideouts. There are also a huge amount of side missions in the form of stranger quests. You have a huge variety of weapons at your disposal, with many variations in each weapon class. There are a large amount of animals to hunt in the world, much like FC3, though they are mostly there as a means of making money, rather than crafting equipment. The story is great, and the game play is amazing! I highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys westerns, adventure, and open world style of game because this is one of the best!

Red Dead Redemption.jpg
And those are my top 3 games of 2012 and 2013!
Hope you enjoyed the post! Leave your thoughts on these games and others that you have played that you consider awesome in the comments! :D
Keep being awesome!
I'm That Dude
Images from wiki

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Hello my friend's awesome readers.
'Tis Cyby, a little late, but at your service.
Thankfully, now that I have a bit of free time, I'm hoping to fire off a few posts here and there.
So, without further ado, vintage tin:

This farm fresh little beaut was literally parked a hundred metres from my house for a couple weeks. Went for a walk and brought my camera along so I could get some shots.


 I've never seen a split window on a truck before. Pretty trick.

I originally thought she was a '47 International L 110, but after some research, she appears to be a '50.

Some rust issues, a badly painted front bumper, and a wasp nest tucked up in the grille, but man, will she be gorgeous when she's done.

Everything inside and underneath appeared to be original, but I doubt the blue is factory. I'm guessing someone repainted her in the '60s-'80s, but then she sat. Apparently in a damp place.

I hope the dude that owns her (I know he's a dude because his registration was sitting on the seat in plain view of the window.) transforms her into something like this:

Well, that is it for me. Peace and chicken grease and I bid you good bricking.

Friday, 21 June 2013

FC3 Forest Fire Prevention

Hello my awesome readers!
Here is part two of my Far Cry 3 outpost capturing videos!
Hope you enjoy!

Keep being awesome!
I'm That Dude.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

FC3: I am Well Hidden

Hello my awesome readers!
Here is part one of taking over outposts in Far Cry 3!
Hope you enjoy!
Keep being awesome!
I'm That Dude

Sunday, 26 May 2013

FC3 Review: Silly Batteries!

Hello my awesome readers!
Here is the first part of my review of Far Cry 3!
Hope you enjoy :)

See the other part of the review in the post below.

Keep being awesome!
I'm That Dude

Far Cry 3 Review!

Hello my awesome readers!
It's me, That Dude! I've been playing some great games, one of which was Far Cry 3! I have actually beaten this game, so I'll be able to do a full review on it.
So, I recorded a video with some details of the game in it, but I was not able to cover everything in time I had to film, due to battery problems.
I will write this post to be paired with the video, so I'll continue from about where it left off.
My camera shut off, cutting off my sentence, so what I was going to say was that you can push the boat back into the water if you run it onto the beach :P Yeah, really important! Though I did say a little more before I noticed my camera was off :-/
So, there is a huge amount of content, such as side quests, skill trees, and mini games. Side quests include activities such as supply drops, which are little races against the clock to get to a certain point. There are mini quests where you hunt down a pirate in the area, or hunt an animal with a certain provided weapon. The mini games include different gun challenges, knife throwing competitions, and even poker! The poker in Far Cry 3 seems to work even better than the one in Red Dead Redemption! Though I'm still terrible no matter what game I'm playing it in XD
There is a huge arsenal of weapons, with multiple variations in each category. For example, there are about four handguns, such as the Desert Eagle, and 44. Magnum. These two being the more heavy duty of the class. Some of the lower handguns are able to be fitted with silencers, giving the player reason to choose the less powerful weapon for its stealth capabilities. Pretty much all the weapons have healthy amounts of attachments, though the (Minor Spoiler) flamethrower only has the option of using a bigger fuel tank, which is almost mandatory because it's a real gas guzzler! lol
There is not a huge amount of variation in attachments, but it's forgivable since there is a fun selection of weapons. The unique weapons include the bow, flamethrower, flare gun, welding torch thingy, four shell grenade launcher (reminds me of the China Lake in Black Ops), and the wing-suit (Which isn't a weapon, but it's a tool of sorts, so I'll mention it).
As I've said before, the island is huge! There is plenty of exploration to be done on the two massive islands, and there are plenty of vehicles to get you around the place. You can travel by land, sea, and even by air occasionally. You've the idea of land and ocean vehicles in my video, but I didn't get a chance to show you the gliders. They work the same as the wing-suit, but you find them at different locations.
Now, I've talked about the world plenty, but how is the game play?
Firstly, we should cover gun mechanics. They are pretty much what you'd expect from a FPS, so no real need to comment on them. What is notable is how the game doesn't restrict the player to only carrying two guns as in COD and other shooters. Players can carry up to four weapons, once they have crafted the various weapon holsters. This brings us to crafting, an interesting game mechanic as players must hunt and skin animals to upgrade different aspects of their gear. Basically all of the upgrades have to do with carrying more of specific items, such as ammo, weapons, money, and there is also an upgrade to carry more looted items. It is a little odd that you have to hunt a different animal for each upgrade, as simply making a bigger wallet out of the same material that you started with makes more sense than having to go and hunt a shark. Though this may not be that realistic, it is a good way to make players explore the island as animals are found in different areas of the island. As for the missions and story. I found the story a little odd at some points, though Vaas is an excellent bad guy! He has an insanity about him, and you never know when he's going to fly off the handle, and he is so well voiced and such a well done character. I won't get into story as I don't want to spoil anything, though it isn't the best story because it has several undeveloped plot points having to do with unexplained (spoiler) magic, as well as some characters that felt like they could have been left out. But, I'm not going to get into that, though feel free to ask any questions and I'll answer, but just for the safety of those reading this post, I will leave as many main story spoilers out of it. So, missions are not overly difficult or special. There will be you're infiltration missions, you're rescue missions, and you're sabotage missions. There are also some treasure hunting missions! I can't remember all of them though, and I think most of the fun is in playing in the open world with all the unlocked goodies at the end of the game. I'm not saying the missions that the game has aren't fun, but I can't say it's anything I haven't seen. There are also several turret sections, so you can decide if you like those or not.The game also features multiplayer co-op missions! I haven't really played these, but they look like something you could have fun playing splitscreen with some friends. The game also includes you're standard FPS multiplayer, with pretty much what you'd expect, so no real important comments to be made on it. What is really cool about multiplayer is that you can actually design and make your very own multiplayer maps! Both on PC and console versions of the game. This is a very cool feature to play with, and you may have seen why in videos where people have set up large battles, pitting pirates against bears, tigers, or other animals :P I feel this may be how the map maker is used most, but I'm sure there are also some great serious maps out there too.
Far Cry 3 is a game full of content, and I have to say it is one of the best games I've played within the past year!
I give it a 9 out of 10! The weapons, the world, the way you can interact with it all make for a great experience outside of the missions, and the missions themselves have their good moments, though not as fun as messing around outside of them. The story is moderately good, though I only liked a handful of characters, one of which was done really well! (Vaas)
Mechanics are good, and tigers are absolutely terrifying! Though not as scary as the Komodo Dragons D:
Hope you enjoyed my review!
Keep being awesome!
I'm That Dude

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Hey, Hey! It's Mother's Day!

Hello my awesome reader!

It's that time of year when we show appreciation to that special lady. Of course, I hope we all show appreciation for our mothers all year round, and not just one day :P But anyway, today I will dedicate this post to moms everywhere.
So, let's raise our glasses of water to those incredible individuals! Moms do so much for us. They raise us, love us, teach us, and put up with us when we go through those wonderful teenage years lol Yeah, the ones where we are so very agreeable! Looking back at my own teen years, I have to say my mom had her work cut out for her :P
There have been challenges in my life, but many of them were made easier with the help of my own mom :)
She helped me study for school, helped me learn how to cook, though my scrambled eggs still need work :P She was there when I needed answers to questions and when I just needed to talk. I love my mom, and I'm glad I've been blessed with such a good one.
So, to all those mothers out there, though I kinda doubt any will be reading this, happy Mother's Day :)
Keep being awesome, and give your awesome mom a hug :)
I'm That Dude.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

MK 9 There Can be Only One Scorpion!

Hello my awesome readers! In this video I show off my skills as Scorpion! In the video I thought the first matched crashed because of online lag, but after watching the video over it seems the person just left lol couldn't handle the beat down I was giving them I guess :P I have now solved the problem with posting the video here, so that's awesome :D 
Sorry for the times when the video quality drops, my camera doesn't always film really fast movement very well. Perhaps someday I'll be able to film with a better method, but until then I hope ya'll are ok with the current one. Also, I did another video earlier as a partial review, but I decided to do a written review instead, that way it'll be more concise :P
Keep being awesome! 
I'm That Dude

Gaming Post Vote!

Hello my awesome readers!

So, this post is to give you the chance to vote on some of the games that are available for me to play! :D The list below are some of the really good games I've been playing, so you can vote on which one you'd like to see me do a video on next weekend (I'm currently working on one today). You can also suggest what kind of video, like a review, a let's play, a mechanics preview, or anything else you can think of. I'll also be doing a top 5 games post!
I'll be getting to work on tomorrows posts, so feel free to vote on the games below. You can also vote for any games that I've played in the past, if you'd like me to revisit them :)

Epic Games List:
Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
Any of the AC games
Mortal Kombat 9
Splinter Cell Double Agent

Until tomorrow! Keep being awesome! :D

I'm That Dude

Sunday, 21 April 2013

AC Evolution: The Forgotten Point

Hello my awesome readers!

It's Sunday, and I'm keeping my promise and writing this post and hopefully another one :D

So, I was looking though my AC Evolution post, and I realized I forgot to talk about the Parkour system.

So let's start with the button layout. In the beginning of the series, AC used the combination of holding R1 and X. Holding these two buttons would make Altair and Ezio free run, and they would begin climbing a wall once they got close enough. You could also choose to only hold R1, which changed your movements from low profile, to high profile, aka running. While only holding R1, you would not climb walls, however, in AC III it all changed. Instead of the usual two button combo for free running, the player now only has to hold R1. In my opinion, this was a huge mistake! My reason for saying this is because when chasing down a target on the ground, there would be times when the target would perhaps run through a corridor, and if you were to close to the side of it, or some object got in the way, Conner would decide it was a good idea to start climbing. This would have been avoidable had the game creators kept this extra bit of control in the game. Another ability that has been taken out in AC III is the leap grab. This ability was introduced in AC II and made climbing both faster and more efficient. If used correctly, a player could scale a building almost twice as fast as normal, and this personally made climbing even more fun for me. The removal of this ability did not actually make the game significantly harder, so it only detracts from the score in the sense of enjoyment. There is however a great improvement in movement control as well in AC III, and this may even redeem the fact that some abilities have been reduced. In AC II, Brotherhood, and Revelations, Ezio had the ability to pick pocket NPCs by holding X in low profile mode. This made him walk more quickly, which was useful for sneaking up on guards more quickly, but without alerting them as with running. The problem with this system is that if you are hidden among civilians, and trying to move more quickly to kill a target, or some other situation where stealth is key, you will pick pocket the civilians. Civilians hate being pick pocketed, and this will cause them to start brawling with you. This will cause you to lose your hiding place, and possibly alert your target to your presence. In AC III, this problem has been addressed quite nicely as X still makes your character walk quickly, but pick pocket has been changed to O. You can now safely walk through crowds of people, and you now automatically push civilians out of the way while walking quickly (In previous games, you held O to push civilians out to the way). Pick pocketing has also been changed. Instead of walking through a group and stealing the money of everyone you come in contact with, you now have to follow close to a person and hold O until a meter fills up. This does limit the amount of people you can pick pocket at a time, but it is much more realistic, and I feel that it was a good change. Though to be honest, it was pretty entertaining to pick pocket a group of ten or more people in two to three seconds.

I give the high and low profile movements of the Ezio Trilogy of AC a 8.5 out of 10 The parkour system was great, and it had some cool abilities tied into it, but some of the low profile movements were badly paired.
I give AC III a 8 out of 10 Though it took out some good good mechanics, it also changed some flawed ones, and I should mention that some climbing is actually smoother. The main problem is before you get to the climbing.

Hope you enjoyed the extra bit of review :)
Keep being awesome!
I'm That Dude.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

New Plan!

Hello my awesome readers!
I've once again been absent for quite some time, and I'm sorry for just up and leaving like that. I've been really busy with school and life, and other things, but I think I can make this work if I post on Sundays. So, look forward to weekly posts on the weekend! :D And I hope to bring some new gaming videos soon. I've been playing Red Dead Redemption, as well as Splinter Cell Double Agent, and I've just started Just Cause 2. I may do a top 5 games of the past year that I've played, we'll see, and I plan on continuing with reviews and whatever else I had written down in my master plan of posts. Until the next time, keep being awesome!
I'm That Dude.

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag!

Hello my awesome reader!
I know it was announced a little while ago, but AC IV is coming at the end of October! :D
I'm excited for this release as it looks like it will expand on the excellent ship mechanics of AC III! I'm however unsure of how the series will be with the introduction of.. pirates? I could see it working :3 but I hope the character isn't boring like Conner.. What I would love to see is a Captain Jack Sparrow Assassin!
Jack Sparrow In Pirates of the Caribbean- At World's End.JPG
That'd just be boss!
It's also an interesting idea, since the Assassins have been very stealthy characters. One may even say.. Ninja like characters :O Oh my goodness! Are pirates and ninjas going to come to a mutual understanding? Will the answer to the age old question of which is better be as simple as just combining the two? We shall see!
Hope you enjoyed!
Keep being awesome! :D
I'm That Dude.
Images from Wiki

Assassin's Creed The Evolution!

Hello my awesome readers!
It's me, That Dude, and I'm finally back with another post! I actually started this a while ago, but because of how big it was going to be I was having trouble finding time to work on it. Anyway, I figured I'd come back and finish it :D
I have finally beaten AC III and completed the AC series, with the exception of AC I, and I can now review the series as a whole! (I wrote this before the announcement of AC 4 Black Flag :P )
I won't say to much about the story because I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't played the games, or plans on playing them. What I will say is that it is historical fiction styled with a few sci-fi elements. I highly enjoy historical fiction, so I found the story awesome!
I give the story as a whole, 8/10 I am very curious as to how the story will continue in Black Flag.
Characters such as Ezio are developed quite well, however you don't really connect much to the main protagonist, Desmond Miles. He is honestly way less interesting then any of the assassins you play as (Though Altair isn't much better from what I've seen of the first game), and even less interesting then some of the other present day characters.
I can't comment much on Altair because half way through the game, a glitch occurred that kept me from starting the next mission. Pretty much my only option now is to restart from the beginning, and I've just not gotten motivated to start over. AC I is nowhere near as good as AC II or any of the other games after that. Speaking of AC II, Ezio is hands down the best character in the series, and it makes sense why they made three whole games with him as the main Assassin. He has a really interesting and developed character, you see him grow through each game, and he's just plain epic! Renaissance Italy is probably my favorite time period in the series, and the clothing style seen in Ezio's outfit is awesome!
Char ezio
Next, let's look at game handling and mechanics. The first game worked well, though it had it's problems. You had a lot of freedom in the cities, and you could climb just about any building, but the way guard's detection meters worked were very frustrating. The game had the "blend" ability, and this allowed you to hold a button to put your hands together and bow your head, which makes guards think you're a priest of some sort. This could have been a cool idea, but it needed to be made more practical. In certain areas, for no reason whatsoever guards will be suspicious of you. This will cause you to have to blend or murder them all, and though it isn't hard to kill guards, it hardly makes for a fun stealth game if you go around Rambo style all the time. When you make your character "pray" to get past guards, you walk at an agonizingly slow pace, and you'll be praying that you'll finally be out of their line of sight so you can run again. There are also mobile groups of priests that you can join, so as to get through even tighter security, but that's pretty much the only time crowd blending comes into play. AC I also featured a huge open world map, but the objectives were almost never marked on your map, and this caused me to search aimlessly until I finally discovered where I needed to be. Not telling the player where to go when there is a huge map to explore is a bad idea.. Sure I like to explore the map, but when it's a chore just to figure out how to advance the game, then it is not fun! And that glitch I mentioned earlier is likely going to cause me to never finish AC I. On the plus side, AC I's combat worked fairly well, though it has been greatly improved through the other games.
AC I's mechanics and handling gets a 7/10 


Now, AC II, AC Brotherhood, AC Revelations, and AC III have all added new abilities to the existing mechanics. AC II introduced the most content, so let's talk about that one. Right away, the blending mechanic is both improved and expanded. Instead of being able to "blend" in anywhere, you move your character into groups of people, onto benches, or into hay bales. If nobody saw you enter these hiding places, you are hidden. This worked so much better, and felt so much more realistic. Another game play change is a visible detection meter above your enemies heads. This slowly fills up if you are in a restricted area, or on a rooftop. Rooftop guards are jerks who don't want anyone to stand on the roofs, but who's to say you don't live in the house you're standing on? :P Either way, it makes for some fun assassinations on roof guards! AC II also added objective markers! Now, when you want to start a mission you simply go to the exclamation point on your map, and you can play the next mission in the story. I say that because if you just want to play in the open world a bit, you can easily avoid accidentally starting a story mission. Not that that was a problem in the first game lol but just know that once you walk into the glowing area the mission will start. Another thing that is was added to the game were stores! You can deck out Ezio in increasingly stronger armor, as well as equipment that increases the amount of medicine (Potions) and ammunition for different weapons. The addition of several special weapons also make the game even more fun. And of course, one of the biggest improvements to the game is Ezio. Ezio is just plain awesome, and since I've already talked about him above, I'll just leave it at that.
AC II in combination with Brotherhood and Revelations (Since not much changes game play wise through them.) get a 8 out of 10! One thing that detracts from the score is Revelation's removal of horses when free roaming the city, as well as the pointless, and terrible tower defense mini game. The hook blade was cool, though a little confusing as it still seems to be able to function as a regular hidden blade, despite the fact it doesn't even look pointed.

Now, Conner... I honestly like him the least out of the characters so far. He's a jerk a lot of the time, and he's also a really flat and at times boring character. I'm not gonna say much about him, (Since there isn't much to say about him) but the only thing I really liked about him was his combat skills, and those aren't much different from the other Assassins. Instead, let's talk about the game play changes. The combat system and parkour system have gotten the biggest changes. When you get into combat, you no longer have to hold R1 and Square to counter kill, nor do you hold R1 and press any of the other face buttons. A new system is introduced that both simplifies the fighting system as well as makes it overly easy. You now simply hit Circle (I'm using PS3 controls as my reference btw) which counters an enemy attack as well as slightly slowing down time. During this short slow-mo, you can choose to hit one of the four face buttons. Square will counter kill most enemies, Triangle will use your projectile weapon to kill, and I believe x throws the enemy, but it's been a little while since I've played. You can also counter when in the middle of an execution, and this is great for those many times that I've found myself in the middle of stabbing an unfortunate guard in the face, only to be clubbed from behind by some brute before I can "FINISH HIM!". While this is a cool and often life saving addition, it also makes combat that much more easy. The other problem I have is that you can no longer just draw your weapon and fire/swing it. You have to be in combat, or targeting someone to use your weapons. It's not the biggest deal, but it was nice to have that freedom. I'd take out my sword or club, and just test how the weapon handled. Another change is the health system. You no longer have medicine to restore your health, it has gone back to ACI where your health only regenerates once you have killed or escaped your enemies. This is not a big deal due to the ease of combat. Another fun addition is the meat shield trick. When you are about to get shot, you can grab a nearby enemy and use him as a body guard! It is pretty funny, especially because you can do it really early, and there are several seconds that go by before the enemy shoots. You'd think they'd maybe not shoot if it is clear they are just going to shoot their friend, Joe. One thing I just remembered about the combat is the rope dart. It is the biggest Easy Button ever! It works against pretty much every enemy type, light or heavy, and makes combat extremely easy. All you have to do is press triangle, then Conner throws the rope dart just like Scorpion minus the "Get over here!" and pulls the enemy forward and off their feet. You then need only press Square and Conner will stab the man in the back, killing him. And this way of using rope darts does not lose them, so you can do it an unlimited amount of times.The main problem I have with AC III is how easy the combat has become. Little timing is required as it goes slow-mo once you counter, and the rope darts make for really easy kills. The hunting system is ok, but it didn't blow me out of the water either. Also, there is next to no armor to unlock or buy, so that's a downer :( however, the main redeeming factor of AC III is the sea battles! It is awesome to control your ship and you even have to account for wind when trying to control it. I've heard that the ship mechanic will be expanded on in Black Flag to include free roam! So here's hoping that's true. I should also mention you can upgrade your ship, but it is still disappointing that you only get to use it during actual missions and not in any sort of free roam.
AC III gets a 7.5 out of 10 for fairly good mechanics, though easily exploitable weapons. Also, the most interesting characters are the ones base on actual people, rather than Conner.

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I have loved the AC series, and though there are flaws I still really enjoy them for their story, and the unique gaming mechanics. Of course, since not much has changed through the games, it is getting less unique, but it is unique to the series non the less. I give the AC series (Excluding Black Flag of course) an 8 out of 10. There hasn't been a huge amount of changes to game play or missions through the series, and I think that's the main problem, but the story is cool and there are some great characters. Hope you enjoyed this big review, and as usual, keep being awesome!
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