Thursday, 26 July 2012

Thoughtful Thursdays

Since That Dude is away for three weeks at a camp, I am going to try my hand at doing these Thoughtful Thursdays. :) So it's time to sparkle up this blog with my enthusiastic feminine self! And perhaps provide a few words of wisdom. ;0

I'm going to talk about something that pretty much all teens seem to be doing nowadays - dating. Well, it's all very good and well to start getting ready for marriage, but there are some problems with this concept. I'm just going to go over one problem in this post - the MAJOR ONE.

There are so many girls nowadays who think they are only worth something if they are dating some guy. Preferably a "hot" guy (by the way, I absolutely HATE that word). I am acquainted with a girl who switches to a new boyfriend faster than you can say "Justin Bieber". (Okay, maybe not...but you get my meaning, no?) Almost every time I talk to her again (which is usually a week or two later), she's dating somebody new.

She'll say, "Oh I love John sooooo much!" (Name is just an example...I have honestly completely lost track of all the names she tells me.) And I'm wondering, "Really? Then how come you're gonna tell me next week that you love Keith so much?"

Guess which one of these guys she really does love? 

The simple answer is - NONE OF THEM.

The best dating advice for girls that I have EVER heard.

The only guy (or girl) you really do love is going to be the one that you'll be married to for the rest of your life. Especially if you're staying with your newest boyfriend/girlfriend for that long, like above (or should I say short?).

Love is not just a feeling.

Love is an action - a sacrifice.

Ask yourself this - am I willing to say with _____ for the rest of my life?

Ummm...well, yeah! That is, if a new hot boy doesn't move in next door...


Ask yourself this - am I willing to sacrifice my own time and money for _______?

Yeah, of course. We like to sit together watching TV and...

Yeah, but are you willing to stay up all night with ______ when _______ is sick? 

Please...please....PLEASE! Wait to date! Sixteen...or, Heaven forbid, not that old!

And some dating advice for guys. I TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY approve of this advice.


All of that was just really rambling on about trifles...but I guess I can try again next week. :-/

Tell me if you like? :)

Saturday, 21 July 2012

What's That Dude Up to?

Hello my awesome readers!

So, I guess I did most of the update on me yesterday. As you probably read, I'll be going away for three weeks. I'm going to volunteer at a summer camp, and it's going to be awesome! I'll for sure miss posting, but hopefully my authors will do some posts so you guys and girls have something to read. And when I get back, I'll try and do a huge post special! I'll possibly put some game play vids up, as well as an update, and who knows what else? Also, if you have suggestions for what the special post day should include, feel free to post in the comments!
I'm going to miss you all so much! It's really cool for me to look back at how my blog started, and how far it's come. I also really enjoy checking out the blogs of my followers. I especially like JandJ's blog! Check them out at this link!
I also want to thank all the people that comment, and tell me what they like, what they want to see, and just what they think of the topic.
As for the future, I'm thinking of possibly making a new youtube channel for gaming videos! This channel won't likely be linked to this blog, but the videos may be public on youtube. I'm still thinking about it, but if your interested in following that channel, (If I make it) post in the comments!

Well, that's all for this post, though I may do a vlog today as well to give you awesome people a little extra before I go!
Keep being awesome!
I'm That Dude.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Partial Review of TWFC!

Hello my awesome readers!

Today is review Friday, and I'll be going over some of the game play of Transformers War for Cybertron!
Hope you enjoy!

Since I haven't beaten the game, I'll mostly cover the game play. Most of the controls are introduced to you early on in the game, and you can even access tutorials (though I didn't when I was playing, because I'd already looked at the manual.). The control layout is very good, though the default for transforming can be a little sensitive. The default for transforming is set to the L3 button, and at times you'll probably find yourself accidentally pressing it when you didn't mean to. If you want, you can change it to the Triangle button (PS3), but then you will change your weapons switch button to another one, though I don't remember which, since it wasn't a great change. Apart from that, the game has very solid controls, though the grenade button is mapped to the Circle button. As far as game play goes, it is a third person shooter, ranging from ground combat as the robot and ground vehicle forms, to the air with the jet form. So far, levels are usually clearing rooms of enemies, mini boss fights, and objectives like planting a bomb on an enemy assault ship. I really like how seamlessly your character transforms from one form to another, making combat, and the use of your two forms very smooth and cool. You also get a couple special abilities with the character that you chose for the mission. Whether it's placing a sentry gun, or absorbing health from a nearby enemy, there is a nice variety of special abilities. The weapons are also pretty cool. Especially online, when you get to choose what you use. There are your basic shooter weapons, like an assault rifle, sniper rifle (though it's called a type of pistol), rocket launcher, and shotgun. There are also special weapons, like the plasma cannon, minigun, and a few others.
Online is lots of fun too! You have four classes, Scout, Scientist, Leader, and Soldier. I prefer the Soldier, because he transforms into a tank, and I use a minigun and rocket launcher. Each class has it's own special abilities that you use, and unlock, as well as weapons specific to each class. The scientist has a special repair tool that allows him to heal team mates, and he also transforms into a jet. Scouts can cloak themselves, and use sniper rifles. Leaders can boost their team mates stats, and use some fairly good weapons. And from my description above, soldiers use heavier weapons. Like in Ghost Recon, you level up each class by using it. There is also a wave survival type mode, where you work co op with friends to survive waves of enemies. Not much needs to be said about this mode, since it is similar to other wave modes.
Over all, it is a great game so far!
I give it a 8.8 out of 10!
Keep being awesome!
I'm That Dude.

Cyby and That Dude Wednesday Update

Hello my awesome readers!

I'm posting this to explain about the lack of a post on Wednesday.
Cyby and I didn't get a chance to really film, but as I said in my other post, we'd do a video when possible. I was thinking of doing another post to fill in for it, but I couldn't really come up with anything in the time I had, because I was out pretty much all day. So, sorry about that.
Also, check out the first post for Thoughtful Thursday! I worked on it with Alylianna AKA the Dudess! :)
One more update!
I may be going away for about three weeks! I'm going to possibly be working as an SIT (Staff in Training) at a summer camp I've gone to. It's going to be really fun, but I'm going to miss posting for you guys :( But, in the words of the Terminator, I'll be back! :P
Since I'll be leaving this Sunday, I'll post JT/King Valun's blog in the Epic blog of the week a little early. Or maybe I'll just have it show both J and J's and King Valun's. We'll see.
Anyway, that's about all I can think of for updates, other than look forward to today's review! :D

Keep being awesome!
I'm That Dude.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Thoughtful Thursdays - 1st Collab on BULLYING

Hello our awesome readers!
I’m That Dude, and I’m doing a collaboration post with Alyianna Baggins.
Alyianna: Hello! :)

For our first collaboration post, we decided to talk about a topic that everyone faces at one point in their life. It can come from many areas in a person’s life, whether it is at school, on the internet, or even at church. No matter where it is experienced, a person can never truly be ready for it.

Many years ago, when my voice was higher, and my legs shorter, I was at a sort of party. A few friends and I were all gathered in a circle, and having an awesome time! We were laughing and just being our crazy selves, when some random woman came by and said, “You laugh like a girl!”. At first, I thought nothing of it, but as time went on I thought more and more about how my laugh sounded. At that age, everyone sounds like a girl :P but I started noticing it a lot more. I started trying to “control” the pitch of my laugh, but all that achieved was a hollow, and fake laugh. And after all that time of trying to have a “normal” laugh, I’d forgotten how to laugh naturally. And being so critical of myself just took so much joy out of the times that I could have been free to be myself. I wish I hadn’t paid attention, and I wish I could have kept that healthy laugh, but now all I can do is make up for lost time. I’ve forgiven her, but I wish it hadn’t happened in the first place.

Even something as simple as defending what you believe in, or even what you like (a hobby, fandom, etc.), can hurt people. Something like this, I see on one of my favourite websites - YouTube - ALL the time. It’s not only the language that people use. When somebody says they don’t like a certain song or a certain artist on the video, then the people, who really like that artist can get really mad. I know this first hand. Today, I posted a comment on a YouTube video that I didn’t think was appropriate. I got over 400 hate comments in reply.

Sometimes you might wonder why bullies do what they do. At many times, people may say something hurtful without even meaning to. But, at other times, someone may do hurtful things because someone did something like that to them. Or they feel insecure, and when they put other people down, they think that they can feel better about themselves. It’s easy to want to hate a bully in your life, but you have to realize that they may be hurting inside too. Sometimes, all they need is someone to show kindness to them, and it can change them in so many ways. It is scary to do this, but it’s a truly amazing experience to be a part of turning that person’s life around. Maybe this won’t happen, and maybe the bully will still bother you, but it’s always good to try and make a difference in a world full of pain.

You may like to watch this trailer for a kid movie on bullying. The movie is quite good. :)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

TWFC Why are we just Sitting here?! :O

Hello my awesome readers!

Get ready for part 2 of Transformers War for Cybertron! :D

Hope ya'll enjoy :)
Also, check out JT/ King Valun's blog at this link!

Keep being awesome!
I'm That Dude.

TWFC Activate the Emergency Booster Engines!

Hello my awesome readers!

It's Game Play Tuesday! And today I bring you my first 10ish minutes of playing Transformers War for Cybertron! :D I'll be uploading the second part right away, as I just finished uploading this one. So, hope you enjoy!
Also, check out JT/King Valun's Blog!

Keep being awesome!
I'm That Dude.

Monday, 16 July 2012

That Dude's Weekly Advice! Video Games

Hello my awesome readers!

Here is my advice for the week!

Over the years, I've played many great, and many terrible games. I've also had experience with different consoles. And my advice is to heavily review games before spending your hard earned money on them. When I was younger, I didn't have a PS3. What I had, and in fact still have was a Nintendo Wii. Now, I've had fun with some games on the Wii, but it doesn't have a huge selection of great games. The Zelda games are fairly good on it, but almost all of the Wii exclusive games suck, or are for much younger gamers. And even though it may be for the younger, or elderly in some cases, the control issues that come with the game usually ruin the experience. I can't stress how much I wanted Wii boxing to work well, and how long I tried to figure out how to make it work, but it's just something the Wii can't handle. This post is a warning against getting a Wii. It is best for younger kids, but even so, the games available for it are pretty poor handling. Though I did play a pretty good racing game, and Red Steel 2 is also a fairly controllable and fun game. I highly recommend the PS3, or Xbox 360 to more hardcore gammers. Both systems are great, though for a more economic choice, go with the PS3, because it gets free access to online play. Another point about the Wii, is when it gets titles that are also on PS3 and Xbox 360, such as COD, it is often a disappointment. The Wii version of COD is a stripped down version, and until Black ops and the use of the classic controller, all COD games on the Wii were a pain to control. You lose split screen, sometimes a level from the campaign, and even a few weapons and maps. I haven't tried MW3 on the Wii, so I don't know how well that one handles.
Ok, the Wii isn't all bad, there are some goodish games, like Zelda (As mentioned earlier), Red Steel 2, The Force Unleashed, New Super Mario,  and Super Smash Bros Brawl. (and possibly a few others that I forgot)
It may be a good system to start with when you are younger, but in general I've started staying away from motion control gaming. It's not that it can't be fun, but I prefer a game that will work every time, and that's why I love the traditional controller that the PS systems and Xbox use. And I so wish I had a TV that would work with my Super Nintendo! :(
My opinion on the Wii may be slightly overly critical, but that comes from my personal experience with the Wii. Again, I'm not saying you can't have fun with it, but just be careful to know what you're looking for in a console.
Hope you enjoyed my post!
Keep being awesome!
I'm That Dude

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunday's Random Post! Action Movie Mini Review

Hello my awesome readers!

I know I'm doing my reviews on Friday, but this movie is so simple, that it doesn't need a full length review, as with Ghost Recon.
The movie is The Expendables. Directed by Sylvester Stallone, this movie is centered completely on action! It is also pretty cool how he brings actors from a huge amount of old action movies together, like Jason Statham, Jet Li, and Terry Crews, that crazy old spice dude lol
Though I haven't seen most of the movies those actors were in, and didn't recognize most of them either, it was still cool seeing how many I could recognize.
Plot wise, there is next to none, and you will have trouble understand what is going on, because you'll have to pay a huge amount of attention to the fairly boring parts between the mind numbing action. I'd have to say it's one of the worst action movies I've seen. The plot makes no sense, and you don't even want to pay attention to the parts that slightly explain it, because of how dull they are. All I can say is this boss team is going after some power hungry Mexican, who's buying something illegal... or something like that. Most of the characters don't even have a back story. Jason's character has a love interest, but that story isn't particularly original, or important in the long run. There are a few funny moments with Jet Li, but most of the time people are just making fun of his size. To be honest, there isn't much to tell about the movie. Just picture Rambo 4 with a worse story, and less action :P and a whole whack of cameos.
I rate this movie 1.5 out of 5 stars.
Blandly driven story, Next to no story, Rather bad dialogue, Some action comparable to Rambo 4, but less of it, and some pretty shallow characters. If you like action movies, this may be a movie for you, but if you want at least some story, like in Die Hard, you should just watch Die Hard. I highly recommend Die Hard, awesome movie!
Nine armed men dressed in black standing shoulder to shoulder, Sylvester Stallone front and center.

Hope you enjoyed my review!

Image from wiki

Keep being awesome!
I'm That Dude.

Thoughtful Thursday Suggestions!

Hello my awesome readers!

My game plan is working out well for me so far :D So, this is the post that you can comment on to suggest   a topic for Thoughtful Thursday!
I'm cool with pretty much any topic, though keep the topic appropriate. What I'm looking for are topics that can have a fair amount written about them, because Thoughtful Thursday is going to be a larger post. Sunday's Random post will be shorter, and the topics I use for that are good examples of topics that would be to small for the Thursday post.
So, go ahead and start posting your suggestions in the comments below :D I look forward to seeing what ya'll come up with :)
Keep being awesome!
I'm That Dude

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Cual esta nuevo con me?

Hello my awesome readers!

Here is an update on what is new with me!
So, it's summer, and I'm trying my best not to waste any of it. But I'm running out of things to do! :O Hahaha though some days are fine to use for just relaxation, I still want to do awesome stuff. So a few days ago, I decided to learn to skateboard! :D I started out a little wobbly, but after an hour or so, I was speeding down the street without a care in the world :P though those cars certainly brought my thoughts back to reality. Other than that, not much new, though I've been practicing a bunch with my bow and arrows.
Anyway, hope you enjoyed my post! :) I'll be thinking up a random topic for tomorrow's post, and please comment on my topic request post for Thoughtful Thursdays!
Also, if anyone can translate the title of this post without a translator, I will give you a shout out in a future post! :D And if you have a blog, I'll also mention that.
Keep being awesome!
I'm That Dude.

Friday, 13 July 2012

Getting my Game Face on!

Hello my awesome readers!

This is an update on how I'm going to be running my blog!
I've decided to make a bit of a game plan for posts, so I will be posting more often, but I will also have a more specific plan for the posts.

I'm doing my reviews on Fridays, so I hope you enjoy my partial review of Ghost Recon Future Soldier!
as for the rest of the week, this is the idea so far.

Sunday: Reader’s Pick,( Post request to readers on this day), and Random mini Topic.
Monday: That Dude’s Advice of the Week.
Tuesday: Game Play Videos.
Wednesday: Cyby and That Dude Vlog (Whenever possible).
Thursday: Thoughtful Thursday!
Friday: Reviews.
Saturday: Update on Me. (If nothing is new, I'll do something else :P)

So, for Sunday, I'll always be writing a post on something random, but I'll also be putting up a post asking you all for a reader's pick. The reader's pick will be an opportunity for you to choose the topic for Thoughtful Thursday! If I don't get any, I'll just use my own topic, but I highly encourage you to send suggestions! :)

Hope you all like this game plan!
Keep being awesome!
I'm That Dude.

Friday Game Review! Like a Ghost!

Hello my awesome readers!

Today, I'm doing a review on Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier!
Now, this is not a full review, as I have not finished the game yet, so I won't be able to cover the story and a few other areas as much. But I can go over gameplay, which is what is most important.

Ghost Recon would fall under two categories. It's mostly a third person shooter, but it also has a few elements of an RTS. You'll be playing as one of the Ghosts in a squad of four, and you can coordinate synchronized take downs with your three computer teammates. You do this by aiming at an enemy unit and pressing the R2 button. You can highlight up to 4 targets, and once you've done this, you aim at one of the four targets and wait for a special onscreen prompt that shows when you are ready to do a perfect sync shot. You will know when you've been succesful at one of these, because a few seconds of slo-mo coolness follows after you pull the trigger.
Now, the single player campaign can also be played with your friends online, though not many of my friends actually have the game. But even if you don't play through with living, breathing team members, the AI of your computer team is very good. When you highlight an enemy unit you want them to target, they will do there best to get in position to take the target out on your signal. But they are smart enough not to give away their position to the enemy. if your team members can't get a clear shot at the target, they won't risk being discovered, and that makes game play all the better, because you don't have to worry about your team being stupid and getting detected. This makes for a great stealth based game, and you'll be trying your hardest not to be detected, so as to be able to do more sync shots. You need to find the right moment to take the shot, so as not to be detected, but you also need to pick the right targets. I often take down the enemies that are in watch towers and such, because they would likely see the ones on the ground get shot, plus the enemies on the ground are less likely to see the lone sentry on the roof get killed. Using strategies like this gets you a higher Ghost rating at the end of each mission, and there are also special challenges that add to this rating. So far, my best score was 99 of 100! :D and I felt super pro getting it. You are notified in game when you complete one of these challenges, so you can see when you're doing good. As for when you aren't in stealth mode, the game works well for the more hectic combat. The cover system is great! When behind cover, you can move smoothly to another place by simply looking at where you want to go, and when you see a icon at the destination you hold X (PS3) and your character runs to that place.
Though it is a third person shooter, hitting R3 will put you in an ADS mode (Aim Down Sights) which I found pretty cool.
There is also a guerrilla mode, which is a co-op where you and your friends work together to fight waves of enemies. Pretty much a horde mode from Gears of War. Though there are objectives to capture and hold. (I haven't played much of GOW, so I don't know if there objectives in horde mode or not. I don't remember any :P).
Gunsmith is one of my favorite parts of the game. It allows you to completely customize your weapons. Even the trigger is customizable! And it is awesome when you unlock a piece that you've been wanting to add to your gun, such as a bi-pod for better sniping. My online sniper rifle is decked out with a bi-pod, 12x magnification scope, long barrel for better range, a fixed stock, for more control, and a laser pointer for a little style :P since it's mostly used when hip firing. You can also customize things like the gas system in automatic weapons, which changes the control and rate of fire of the weapon.
As for Multiplayer, it is pretty cool! There are three classes you can choose from. Engineer, who can place things like turrets, and who also has a sensor grenade, which allows teammates to see enemy units within it's radius. The rifleman, who has stronger body armor, and uses LMG's and Assault rifles. And the class I've been having the most success with, the scout. The scout has a slightly downgraded version of the single player campaign's optical camo, which allows you to become nearly invisible. In the campaign, you are able to move slowly with the camo active, but you are only able to use it when standing still in multiplayer. Though I did see an equipment piece to unlock, that allows for limited movement while camo is active. Your use of these three class types levels them up. I've gotten my scout to level five, and my rifleman and engineer are both level one.
Game modes range from a headquarters type mode, to a sabotage type. There are a couple more, like decoy. This mode has each team attempt to complete an objective, the only problem is that there are two decoy objectives, and it is impossible to know which one is real. I haven't tried this one yet, but from what I've heard it is pretty good. The cover system works just as good in multiplayer, though there are times I thought I was hidden, but got shot anyway. This isn't anything that the game messes up, just the perception in third person.
Over all, this game has an awesome single player, and great multiplayer. It is a win in pretty much every way, though graphics can take sudden drops, in the case of the characters looking slightly plastic. Though most of the time, it is a great looking game as well.
There are also a lot of futuristic gadgets in the game, such as the optical camo, and a cool controllable UAV, but I'll have to cover the gadgets in a future post, since I haven't even seen all of them yet.
I highly recommend this game, especially for those into strategy, and stealth genres.
I give this game a 8.8 out of 10 for what I've played so far.
GR Future Soldier 360.jpg
Hope you enjoyed my review!
Keep being awesome!
I'm That Dude.
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