Sunday, 31 July 2011

Coming Soon! (For real this time)

Hello my awesome readers!
I was going to do a tennis vlog last Wednesday but, as far as I know, my video camera is not water proof.
That's right, the rain came pouring down right when I got to the tennis courts. They are outdoor courts by the way and so I'll be shooting this Wednesday instead with my good friend Cyby. And possibly another friend who we haven't decided a name for yet. So look forward to seeing me be an epic (fail) tennis player! Unless it rains (again).
Please post in the comments on other things I should write about and also do Vlogs on.
Thanks for reading :D
Keep doing what you do best which, is being awesome!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Movies the Secondary Author Thinks Are Awesome

Hope you don't mind me stealing your idea, CReyes. ;P

So here are some of my favourite movies and why I like them:

1. The Lord of the Rings: My favourite movies EVER!!! Once upon a time, a hobbit named Bilbo found a magic ring on a journey with dwarves. His friend the wizard Gandalf finds out that the Ring belongs to the evil Sauron. If Sauron gets his Ring back, he will conquer all of Middle Earth. So Bilbo's cousin, Frodo, volunteers to take the Ring to Mordor. On this journey he has eight companions: Samwise Gamgee (another hobbit), his cousins Merry and Pippin, Gandalf, a dwarf Gimli, an elf Legolas, and two men, Aragorn and Boromir. The movies have humour, romance, and adventure. The scenery, costumes, and acting are perfect, and the music is beautiful and epic.
2. The Chronicles of Narnia (the new movies): These movies are really good, too. In the first movie, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the four Pevensie children (Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy) find their way into a magical land called Narnia. Narnia is under the firm grip of an evil witch. The Pevensies find out that it has been foretold that they can break the spell. The second movie is Prince Caspian. The Pevensies come back to Narnia, and find that more than a thousand years has passed. All the people they knew have died, and their old castle of Cair Paravel has fall into ruin. Telmarines have come to inhabit the land, and the cruel usuper of the throne, Miraz, wants to kill the true ruler, Caspian. In the third movie, Lucy and Edmund come back with their cousin Eustace. Some kind of evil is trying to upset the whole world and steal its light. With an older Caspian, the Pevensies and Eustace travel beyond Narnia itself, to the very eastern edge of the world.
3. Toy Story: These animated movies are really funny.
4. Mulan: This is my favourite Disney movie after Narnia. The Huns are attacking, and Mulan's father is called to the army. Mulan knows her father would never survive a war, so she cuts her hair and pretends to be her father's son. Then, as the pack of newly-trained soldiers (including Mulan) travel to join the general's expert forces, they find that the general and his forces are dead, and that they are the only hope for China.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Movies the Dude Thinks are Awesome

Hello my awesome readers! Here is a list of several movies that I really enjoyed.
I will list the movie and tell a few details about it and why you may want too watch it.
1. Star Wars Saga. A series of movies depicting the battle between good, and evil. It has many great characters including, a puppet named Yoda, Harrison Ford, playing Han Solo, a couple of robots, and an even Bigfoot! Bigfoot has a different name in Star Wars an that name is, Chewbaka (I probably spelled that wrong).
2. Cast Away. This film is one of the greatest achievements since pine-shaped air fresheners. Basically, the plot is about a man who gets lost on an island (or stranded is what I should say) after his plane crashes (he should have flown first class). He believes he is all alone on the island and nearly goes mad while trying to start a fire. After he stabs a stake into his hand while trying to get the fire started, he goes and grabs the nearest object which, happened to be a volley ball and chucks it away. His blood-stained hand leaves a face like imprint and he and the volley ball become best friends. Chuck Noland, the main character, is played by Tom Hanks and, is really cool because he does his own tooth removal at one point.
3. True Grit. Are you tired of those animated kid movies? Do you wish something was awesome and still had real actors in it? Well, your in luck. Because, True Grit, has John Wayne! No more waiting in line for the newest power rangers, you can watch True Grit, because it's been out for a long time... but it never gets old.  Filled with gunfights, children shooting firearms, and an epic fight scene near the end, True Grit is bringing everything you want in a western to the table. R.I.P John Wayne.
4. Lord of the Rings. Awesome for people who love movies with swords and axes in combat because they find guns to violent. This movie will blow your mind! In fact, I should have said These movies! Three movies to blow your mind three times more than if you'd watched a movie on an airplane while in first class! The Hobbits! The dwarves! The giant squid thing!
I may mention more movies in future posts but, that is all for now. Hope you enjoyed this post my awesome readers! A side note: numbers three and four are meant to be read as if the speaker were a movie announcer.

Coming Soon!

Hello my awesome readers! I'll possibly be doing a sports edition Vlog on Wednesday! You get the chance too watch me be awesome (or terrible, depends on the temperature) at... *dramatic pause* Tennis! So, look forward to that and I will see you then. Also, coming soon, my second author may be joining us but I'll have to find out on Wednesday (at tennis).
Keep doing what you do best readers! Which is being awesome! :D

Sunday, 24 July 2011

How God Can Help a Teenager

Well, here's my first post!

Sometimes being a teenager can be extremely confusing. For example, today with me. My mind likes to overwhelm me with so many problems. Love, sin, and so many other things were making me feel pretty confused on the way to Sunday Mass this afternoon.

On the way home, I was listening to a song on my iPod. As I listened, there suddenly came these lines: "Why are you looking for love? Why are all you still searching as if I'm not enough?" And as I listened, I realized that God is always there for me, and all my confusion was gone.

You have to look to God when you're confused or if you have a problem. He will always be there to help, even if it doesn't look as if He is helping.

Here is the song that changed so much for me. I hope it helps you like it did for me.

I admit, though, I still am looking for love. <3

Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Hobbit: Vlog Book Review

Hello my awesome readers! Here is Saturday's Vlog on The Hobbit! I'll probably make vlogs on the weekends so I may even make one tomorrow. I may do some video game game play in the future but, we'll see. Hope you enjoy this Vlog entry! :D

Friday, 22 July 2011


Well, I'm the first (after my good friend CReyes) author for this, anyway, I hope you'll enjoy my forth-coming posts (I'm guessing they'll probably mostly be random stuff), and please check out my other blogs!

Write for the Dude! First Author!

Hello my readers! I am glad to announce that I have picked the first author for my blog!
And now, the first author is... *drumroll* Frodo15! *applause*
I hope to see many great posts from you Frodo15!
And coming soon: 
A Vlog on LOTR as soon as I figure out what to do for it (since I just did a review)

Thoughts of a Dude Vlog Intro

Hello my awesome readers! Here is my first entry for my Vlog. This first video is more of an introduction to the next one's. Please comment on how you liked it and what you would like to see in my Vlogs in the future. Hope you enjoy and remember to comment and tell me your ideas.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

LOTR Movie Review

Ok, so if your  wondering if "The Lord of the Rings" would be a good pick for a movie night, then just read my review and it should tell you what you need to know to decide. Or you could read a professional review... no just read mine it will be better.
Now, the plot is a good one because, not only do you really feel for the characters, you also really want them to succeed. For example, I really hoped that Golum would end up being good in the end but, I guess lava is always a good way to kill off a good CGI character. The thing is I really started to like Golum. All through the movies I was hoping that Golum would make it out alive. That he would move into society and own a bean farm or something. Of course, someone had to fall into that volcano, so why not the CGI guy? Characters were very well played by the actors. I'd have to say that big animated eye did a good job of freaking me out about my next eye exam. I was really worried my eye could get, inflamed! (pun drums play) And those epic tree people really put on a good show. One even set himself on fire! Ok, that was an orc's fault. I often wonder what would have happened if that big boss Urakaii (or however you spell that) would have only shot Borrimir once. Maybe the dude would've been ok. I'd say it's a good family movie. I mean nowdays kids see plenty of things worse than a few orc heads on pikes. And Gimli makes the violence completely acceptable by making it a contest with Legolas. "48! 47! Oh! lost count again!" Yeah Gimli, nobody teaches a dwarf basic math. I liked the Orcs because they looked so cool. They didn't scare me at all when I was little. Those nightmares I had of being eaten by orcs must have been caused by something else. The actors bring so much to the movie. Like Frodo, his eyes are so blue! And Gimli, his beard is so red! The story is never dull or boring because most of the time someone's either taking out an orc army almost by them self or talking to an elven maiden. I'm not saying the orcs can't handle their weapons, I'm just saying Souran could get better hired hands. It seems the orcs can only dispatch the small children recruited into the army at helm's keep. The only advantage the orcs have is their numbers. Over all I really liked the movies and I'd say they are totally worth watching. The plot moves smoothly from point A to all the other points and then to the conclusion. The actors are amazing. The make up (orcs) is really real looking (as far as made up creatures go). and the action is completely woven together with the story to make it a story rather than a slaughter fest. I think most people would enjoy it so go ahead and watch it.
Remember my awesome readers, to comment what you think of my posts. Did I review this movie well? If you say, "You did an amazing job!" are you just buttering me up? Any ideas are welcome and I will respond the way I see fit.
Thanks for reading! 
Also, send me your ideas for a post for the upcoming "Write for the Dude" author position! If I like your post and if you are honest with me in your commenting, you could be the first author on my blog! 

One More Idea

One word... Video Log! I just had the idea of possibly getting a youtube account and adding Vlogs to my blog. Not only will you be able to hear my amazing voice (lol) but I won't have to be nearly as good at my grammer! :D for some reason my computer is telling me that I misspelled grammer so.. maybe someone could point out what I'm doing wrong or maybe grammer isn't a real word. O_o even though we learn it in English.
Ok, as I've said before, please comment and let me know what you think and, yeah, just tell me if you think the vlog idea is stupid or not.

Thanks for reading my posts my awesome readers and I hope to hear your input on my newest idea soon.
Now I'll start on that LOTR post I promised.
and I leave you with an epic picture!
funny pictures - JABBA THE FLUFF

I Want Your Help

I just had another idea (lol 2 in one day!) I love sharing my thoughts but, I also love hearing other people's thoughts. So, if anyone is interested, I will pick a lucky reader (if they want) and make them an author of my blog. That's right! You can write on my blog! (what an honor eh?)
The way this will work is I'll read the comments and see who, comments the most, who has larger thoughts, (so more than a simple, "I agree." or, "Great post!" I want someone who actually shares their thoughts on the subject. And not someone who butters me up. Someone who posts what they think. Because I want input but I am also open to opposing views.) I will probably do this every month or so. Pick a reader who has stood out or even just said they'd like to write something. I'll review your post to make sure it's not racist or anything and then I'll just let you get started on it. With all that said, take it away Uncle Sam!
 Pay no attention to the U.S.Army part. They have a big enough army.
Oh, before I forget, please comment if you like my idea (or even if you dislike my idea because I really like hearing thoughts from readers. I'm also looking for more readers, so see the other post about Spreading the News. Also, in the comments, you can tell me other ideas you have come up with that you would like to see in my blog or other special honor projects like my author idea.)

Spreading the News

Hello everyone! I'm posting this, just to ask you a small favor. I'd love if more people read my blog since not a lot of people know it exists. So if you like my blog I'd be very happy if you shared it with your friends. And your family if you want. Though it is geared more for teens. I've posted the link on Facebook so my friends on that will finally know about it lol So yeah, it would be awesome if you like my blog, and if you could share it, because I love reading thoughts about my thoughts.
And I know I said the next post would be about LOTR but I thought I'd just write this side note first since it requires less thought. I will be writing it very soon. (Probably even today.)
Thanks to everyone who reads and enjoys my posts and please share it with your friends.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Advice of a dude

Always take (and remember) advice there's plenty of less important things you can forget in school. Here is some advice that will help you to be good with groups, be awesome in the eyes of your peers (cause we know how important that is!) and of course, how to be smooth. (Because that is an epic skill to have)
1. Be spontanious
2. Learn to spell. (people respect people who can spell)
3. Wear sunglasses at night. (you know your cool when you can't see a thing)
4. Be random. (even when you don't make sense to yourself, sometimes you make sense to other people and they think you said that epic comment because of skill rather than luck)
5. Don't be shy. (Other people are just as scared of you as you are of them :P)
6. Have a gang. (people respect a bunch of tough looking teens.)
7. Tip your waiter. (Because your friends will know that the food you can't finish and want to take home will be spit free)
8. Don't eat before going on that really cool ride at the amusement park. (wow I'm old fashioned! Who says amusement park anymore?!)
9. Don't waste time with dictionaries. (they have websites that can make your life so much easier.)
10. All you need are a few good friends. (something I figured out a long time ago and something I later heard an old man say to his friend. Obviously I was wise for my age.)
11. Don't get mad at things. (It shortens your life span and ages you terribly. Just laugh at the things that really tick you off, and they become less of a big deal to you. Unless it's something serious, then you should be very angry! Only laugh at the little, unimportant things.)
12. Go outside. (the computer will probably be here for a while. Nature may be gone sooner then you think.)
13. Learn another language. (I'm learning Spanish. A romance language ;-). )
14. Look for personality in that special someone. (a good looking person could be a complete vegetable
  on the inside.)
15. Take time to just listen to people. (even if they have nothing worth saying >:D)
16. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. (that's right love your enemies.)
17. Don't do drugs. (duh)
18. Read my blogs. (they have good stuff in them.)
19. Be modest. (lol ^)
20. Never ask a woman her age. But even more important to remember. Never guess. (Especially in the 50 range. English teacher couldn't take a joke... joking she was really nice and laughed when I asked if she was 50.)
21. Make sure she can take a joke before making one.
22. Try at least one new food a week. (except octopus...)
23. Be polite. (It just works better that way)
24. Google a word you hear before using it. (Trust me...)
25. Last one and, Do hard things. (don't choose the easy way out. Unless it's math.)
Number 25 was from a book called, Do Hard Things and is a book written by teens for teens. I strongly suggest you listen to, or read it and I hope it inspires you to push yourself to your limits. Ok, so that was my advice section of this blog. Now, I need your import. What should I talk about next? Is there a particular subject you would like to know my opinion on? Just let me know in the comments and also, if there are any movies or T.V shows you would like my review on, then just let me know and if I've seen them I'll write a review. If I haven't then I'll consider watching it. So please comment and I'll be back with more, Thoughts of a Dude!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Thoughts of a Dude

Have you ever felt that something was missing from your life? A strange emptiness inside that, nothing you do seems to fill? You try and try to figure out what it is but, it just keeps on taunting you with it's mystery. I have experienced such a feeling, and solved the mystery. The answer to the emptiness, was that I didn't know God. I had been brought up to understand an idea, a philosophy, but, never to grasp the truth in the words. I believed that Jesus died on the cross and had saved us from our sins but, I didn't understand the love behind such an act. The day I did, I felt my life fill with love. I looked at my life and saw how far I'd drifted in ignorance. When I was young (a long time ago lol) I understood exactly what Jesus had done for me, and everyone else on this planet. As I grew older I began questioning things, that I'd always just believed, no matter what. I finally settled in a state of believing in God but, thinking, with all the mistakes I made, that I wasn't good enough. Light filled my mind as, for the first time in my life I understood the words my pastor was saying. During that same week I had gone to several Bible studies and each had taught of God's love and his sacrifice. I believe, that in that time, I grew to know God more than I had my whole life. His amazing gift of saving such sinful creatures, is an incredible act of love. All the times I fall I have someone to turn to now. Someone who is never to busy to listen. Always there to support me. The moment I was baptized, I felt an explosion of joy and a weight lifted from my chest. My church family, and of course my actual family, all came and embraced me (after I had dried off of course). Now I am sharing my experience with anyone who will read this and, I hope it urges you to look at your relationship with God. Is it what it should be? Do you understand what he did for you? Or are you in the same box of misunderstanding as I was? Remember, knowing God takes time. I should know, it took me my whole life, so far to figure out that he loved me beyond my own comprehension. If you ever feel that you are failing in life, whether it's at knowing God, or at making friends, or anything you have trouble succeeding at, remember these words. "I can do all things, through God who strengthens me." Now, I would tell you the verse but I don't always remember the verse so you may want to look it up on google because that's also how I found out who said this one, "

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill

So remember, even if you fall, God is there to pick you back up. And one other thing, before I finish this up. God looks at our success, when we only look at our failures. We may say that our failures outweigh our success and we are probably right, but in a way we are wrong. We put our trust in God and that is the most important moment in our life. Our biggest success. Thanks for reading my story and my thoughts.