Sunday, 11 March 2012

Background Pending

Hello my awesome readers!

So, I got mixed response the the bright red background. Some found it hard on the eyes, so tell me what you think of the new (Or old/first) background.
I may try a darker red, but like Cyby, I also like the flames :P
I'm looking for ease of reading, cool look, and a third option that I have yet to think of.
All the input I've gotten has been awesome in helping me decide what to do, so thanks! :D
Keep being awesome!


  1. Fire definitely works. I like fire.... You could try a dark gray color other than that I think the background you have works.


    1. yeah, fire is fun, but I'm back to red! :D

  2. The fire works. As long as you keep the background of the posts something other than black. :P

    1. Ahaha that I am for sure going to do! and I'm back to red, as you can see ;)