Monday, 12 March 2012

Which Dude? That Dude!

Hello my awesome readers!

What's new with me? Well, Cyby and I are working on the Eye of the Tiger! I'm learning the lyrics, and Cyby is going to be playing the song with his guitar! So, look forward to a (hopefully) pretty epic future vlog!
So, I've got these throwing knives (as mentioned in my 11 tag post) that I've been practicing with, and so far it has been quite a fun skill to learn. I have had some success with the straight throw technique, and I think it is pretty much the easiest to use as well as the most practical. I tried the spin technique, but that requires more skill at judging distance and spin of the blade. I'm a guy! I don't have time to think about how far away the target is! I want to throw the knife right away! Though I have to admit, it feels pretty good when I threw a spinning blade into Dave. What else is new? Well, I bought Portal 2! I needed a different game style, since I have way to many shooters. (Though Portal 2 has a portal gun, it is not a shooter.)
Also, it seems that when I get sick, I only get sick for about three days. Why couldn't it be like that when I was young?! I would get sick for up to three weeks sometimes! Guess my epicness had not fully developed ;)
Well, it's getting late, and I have a few more things to do.
Keep being awesome!


  1. Dude are you going to post a video with your knifes? Also Portal 2 is great. One of my favorite games. I would also recommend Skyrim.


    1. Sure will man! :D just let me work on my technique a bit more :P agreed! I love that game :D and yes, I've heard Skyrim is a pretty good game.

  2. :O Post a video with your knives!!!

    1. I sure will! :D I'll do one as soon as I get fairly good with them ;P