Saturday, 2 June 2012

Black Ops II! Something New? Video Games Thoughts

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As some of you may know, there is a sequel to the COD Black Ops game coming out.
Now I am a COD fan, but I do not buy every single game that comes out. For example, I have Modern Warfare 1 on the wii, and 2 on the ps3 because the ps3 game is better lol. I only had a wii for a time so when I got my ps3 I bought Modern 2. But enough about which system I prefer (PS3), let's talk about this new game. It's supposed to be set in the near future, and apparently the robots are taking over or something original like that.

Yeah, I'm not sure if this is another take on Skynet, but you never know. But my question is, when will it end? I mean you have Modern Warfare 1-3, Black ops and soon to be Black ops II, and these are the most recent COD's (We'll leave the WWII ones out of this).
I get the game company wants money, but can it not just come up with a different game all together? We have seen so many FPS (First Person Shooters) that we can only tell the difference by the "Titles". There are pretty much two styles of FPS. Battlefield, and COD, the former being more "Strategy" based, while the latter is more crazed gunfights. There are some more interesting shooters here and there, like Crysis, which I've done a review on in the past, and these games are awesome ideas! The problem is they tend to be missing a lot of what makes COD and Battlefield so successful. The leveling system. People get hooked on unlocking things, but in games like Crysis 2, you haven't got nearly as much to unlock as you do in COD. And what happens when you unlock everything in one COD? You buy another one lol. I am honestly thinking of skipping this COD and just waiting a few more years to see if there will be a Black ops IV. That's the perfect plan for video games. Buy the last game in the series and you'll usually get the best. I mean, look how many Halo games there are? Of course, there's Assassin's Creed. This game series is by far my favorite, and I'm going to get the final game that comes out at the end of October. AC III! I am excited for this game! It takes the time period to the American Civil war, and that's one reason I really like AC. I really enjoy a historical fiction story, and I've read quite a few, and playing one is just pure awesome!
Assassin's Creed Logo.svg If you really love the story and gameplay of a game series, I think it's fine to buy the games, but as far as shooters go, they are mostly the same with a few upgrades here and there. Those are my thoughts. Hope you enjoyed reading them :D
Please post in the comments and tell me what you think about video game series. Are they worth spending the money on? Or which ones specifically would you say are worth it?
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  1. Great post! :D I will probably will buy Black Ops 2 after the price goes down since I have decided to skip the MW series and just buy the Black Ops games. Although I might not get it since I can't stop playing Skyrim because it is so awesome! But I agree that the best that makes you keep coming back are ones with good stories. The Halo and Gears of War series have great stories that makes you keep wanting to come back to finish the fight and I highly recommend them if you ever get an Xbox.


    1. Thanks dude! :D Yeah, good plan. I bought MW2 for about 20 bucks lol so definitely waiting is a good plan. And yes! Skyrim is such a great game! :D I just need more time to play it :P Yeah, I've played a bit of Halo series at a friends, and it's pretty cool. Also tried some Gears. I do have one question about Xbox though. Other than a few awesome games, does it have anything the PS3 doesn't as a system? And aside from the Kinect of course.

    2. Well, other than the many awesome exclusive games. There isn't a lot of difference between the systems. Although the controllers are better for the Xbox and the online is better and has more features but you have to pay to play online. Also the downloadable games I think are better on the Xbox. And the graphics for multiplatform are slightly better on the Xbox. I hope that helps. :)