Saturday, 10 November 2012

Dishonored! Partial Review

Hello my awesome readers!

I've been playing some Dishonored! You know, that moderately new game, where you play as an assassin with magical powers. I just have to say, it is pretty epic! I have not played through the whole game yet, but I can definitely comment on how it plays.
I really like how open the approaches are to completing the missions. You can hack and slash your way through them, though that usually makes it harder to complete the mission. You can also choose the stealthy path, which is my favorite, and sneak on ledges, under tables, posses  guards and animals to sneak around, and even scale buildings to enter through windows, rather than through the front door. And there are even underground pipes that lead into some buildings, giving you yet another way in. It is  possible to posses a fish, and swim up pipes and infiltrate the building that way, or a rat and enter through vents. There are honestly way more options available to a more stealthy play through of the game. The weapons are also very cool. You use a short sword, but that isn't the particularly cool weapon. The mini crossbow is very useful, especially for stealthy players. I often use it to shoot a guard with a sleep dart, who would have been much harder to subdue via choke. That is the other cool feature. When in stealth, you can move behind an unsuspecting guard and either stab him in the neck, or choke him into unconsciousness. The crossbow can also fire lethal bolts, and fire bolts. You also have a pistol, which is definitely not for stealth. It's loud, fairly powerful, and moderately fast to reload. The game is in an older time period, so it is a flintlock pistol of sorts.
You also get spring razors, which are very handy proximity mines. You are able to stick it to most surfaces, as well as living things, such as rats. When an enemy gets close to it, it fires a spray of shrapnel killing most in it's blast radius. They are great to use against a patrolling guard. Finally, you have grenades, which are probably the weapon least used by me. Very loud, and powerful, the grenade is not something you would use if you are trying to be stealthy. There are also rewire tools, which can hack enemy alarms and defenses such as the wall of light. The wall of light allows guards through, but will vaporize anyone without clearance. Use the rewire tool, and it switches to killing guards and letting you through. Now, onto the magical powers I mentioned. You get several abilities and spells by collecting runes to buy them with. Once bought, each ability can also be upgraded. The main powers (these require mana) are Dark Vision, Blink, Slow Time, Wind Blast, Devouring Swarm, and Possession.  Dark Vision lets you see in the dark, as well as see living things through walls. Blink is a sort of quick travel, allowing you to move a short distance instantly and stealthily. Though don't get it confused as with teleportation. If you try and Blink through a wall of light, you'll get fried :P Slow Time does exactly what it name implies, and the upgraded version can actually freeze time completely! You could actually slow time as someone is shooting at you, posses them, and walk them in front of their own bullet, then speed time up again! Which brings me to Possession. This power lets you merge with a living creature's body, and control them. You have to upgrade it first to be able to control humans though. Wind Blast is pretty much like a Fus Ro Dah :P Devouring Swarm summons a swarm of rats that will attack anything that moves. There are also several passive abilities that upgrade movement speed, jump height, health regeneration, and a couple that add combat bonuses. It is very fun to use the powers, and very rewarding when you manage to complete a mission, killing only the assigned target, and leaving the building full of unconscious guards. Another example of slow time's usefulness is when I used it to kill my target, and knock out an innocent bystander. I entered the room, slowed time, selected my sleeping darts and shot the bystander, then I walked over to the target and finished him off. Total Matrix moment!
I've also been able to use Possession to take control of a dog patrolling with a guard, run to some secluded ally way and kill the dong, then go and knock the guard out. There are many creative ways to use the abilities, and I'm looking forward to finding more. So, hope you enjoyed my review of the weapons and abilities of Dishonored!
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