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Top 3 Games of 2012 and 2013!

Hello my awesome readers!
So, I haven't been posting because I'm working at a summer camp, and I'm in the kitchen, so it's super busy!
Today I chopped up a bunch of cucumbers and prepared some other food, and other intense action like that :P
Anyway, I have found myself with a good amount of free time, so I'm now writing this post!

So, let's get right into the post!
My list of top 3 games that I played in 2012 starts with a game that brings a really awesome concept to the table!
Number 3!
This game is absolutely amazing in how simple a concept it is, and yet it is very complex in terms of game play. It is a simple story of betrayal, revenge, and the shift of power from group to group, but it is how you approach the tasks that you are given that sets the game apart. Each mission is a sandbox for the player to experiment with. The player is given many available paths that lead to the target. Some paths are optimized for stealth and evasion, while others will have the player at a much higher risk of discovery, though they may at the same time offer a faster way to the destination. Some paths are even hidden, and I can tell you that I have accidentally found shortcuts that I may never have found if I chose to play less adventurously. The supernatural powers that you play with also add an interesting twist to the assassination style of game play. Instead of using a smoke bomb to distract a group of guards, such as in AC, one can summon a swarm of plague rats to attack the guards. Take a leap of faith? Well, there are no bails of hay, but you can survive great falls by possessing a civilian or guard before you hit the ground and splatter. I could go on about all the fun things you can do in this awesome game, but I think you should go play it yourself!:P  So! On to the next game!
Dishonored box art Bethesda.jpg

Number 2!
Far Cry 3:
This game is a huge open world experience! If you love large maps full of life and adventure, then this is the game for you!
The story is interesting, though at times confusing. I have not played the previous Far Cry games, so perhaps they would clarify a few points, but just talking about FC3, the most fun to be had is outside the missions. It is unfortunate that the missions are more linear than free roam because the huge island could be utilized better for the missions, but even with the slightly more linear nature of the missions, Far Cry 3 delivers a good story with some great characters ( Mostly Vaas :P ). You have a healthy arsenal of weapons that include the flame thrower, flare gun, bow ( Amazing bow is amazing! :D), and grenade launcher. And these are just some of the highlights. There are also a vast amount of animals to hunt and be hunted by, and the jungle always feels full of life and you are always kept on your toes.
This game is so much fun to mess around in and I highly recommend it! :D
Far Cry 3 PAL box art.jpg

And finally, we come to the best game that I've played in the past year! It may even be the best game I have ever played!
Dudes and Dudettes, I present Red Dead Redemption!
This is a huge open world adventure, staring John Marston! You play as a former member of a gang of outlaws and your job is to hunt down your former "friends" because the government is holding your family as assurance of your cooperation. The missions are fun and varied, raging from herding cattle and catching wild horses, to chariot races and clearing out gang hideouts. There are also a huge amount of side missions in the form of stranger quests. You have a huge variety of weapons at your disposal, with many variations in each weapon class. There are a large amount of animals to hunt in the world, much like FC3, though they are mostly there as a means of making money, rather than crafting equipment. The story is great, and the game play is amazing! I highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys westerns, adventure, and open world style of game because this is one of the best!

Red Dead Redemption.jpg
And those are my top 3 games of 2012 and 2013!
Hope you enjoyed the post! Leave your thoughts on these games and others that you have played that you consider awesome in the comments! :D
Keep being awesome!
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  1. Hey, man.
    Right on! Nice reviews and glad to see ya back.
    Any recommendations for decent racing games?

    1. Thanks dude! Glad you enjoyed them! :D
      As for racing games, F1 2012 looks like a very good racing sim. I've seen a few game play videos of it, and it looks pretty cool. I recommend checking out the IGN review for it.
      Here's a link for a good review: