Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Two, Please...

Hello, my friend's awesome readers!
My family and I went to the Spring Thaw a while ago, the first big car show of the year here in Awesomeville. After a while, the gravitational pull of this stunning little '37 was too much for me and I had to go gawk at it.

After sufficiently drooling over the hot-roddy goodness, I struck up a conversation with the guy sitting in a lawn chair behind 'er. I don't remember how the conversation evolved, but I said something along the line of loving the late '30s to early '40s Fords, and having a goal to eventually own a 1940 Ford truck, so the guy asked if I wanted to sit in 'er to get an idea of what the '40 will feel like.

 How could I refuse?

Just plain awesome.
I found just one problem with it: It's just a little too cramped in the cabin to accommodate my 5'10" frame. But it would be so worth it.

About an hour later on the other side of the car show was this '41 Stude. I came up from the rear of it and saw the Studebaker badge on the trunk, then came around the passenger side of it and admired the aerodynamic-ish curves.

There were three guys in lawn chairs sitting in front of the Stude, and after a few moments, the guy in the middle whipped around and said in a friendly tone, "Take a picture yet?" Taken slightly aback, I nodded dumbly and said that I was admiring the car's curves because I loved the early '40s cars. Satisfied with my answer, he turned back to the crowd.
After getting a few shots, I said that when I first saw it, I thought it was a Lincoln. He looked slyly at me and placed a finger on the paint a little bit above where the grille started. "Nope, the Lincoln's grille came up a little higher."
Nodding with this new found knowledge, I asked him if it was a '39.
Now, before I get any further, let it be known that on almost all cars at the show was a sheet of paper saying who owned the car, what the car was, and what year it was manufactured. On this car, the sheet was located on the driver side of the car, a place, that if you remember from above, I hadn't seen yet.
He looked slyly at me again and after a moment, it seemed to don on him that I hadn't seen the sheet yet. After this realisation, there was a twinkle of fondness in his eye that someone so young diagnosed a car so accurately. He then said with a smile, "It's a '41."
After a few more moments, he asked if I wanted to sit in it. I said no thank you, which is a mistake I still regret to this day. I don't know why I said it and I still kick myself that I did.

Well, that is it for me. I'm thinking about posting the rest of the photos from that show and from another more recent show on my blog as well as TOADAAD sometime in the future. Look out for it if you like this kind of post.

Peace and chicken grease and I bid you good bricking.

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