Tuesday, 10 September 2013

That Dude's Advice of the Day! Fight!-ers

Hello my awesome readers!
I just thought of some advice, so here is an advice of the day post!
The fighting genre is one that I've just recently gotten into, and I'm thoroughly enjoying my experience in it!
For those of you who are also looking to get into fighting games but don't know where to start, I highly recommend Mortal Kombat 9. This is the easiest fighter to pick up and play (from the ones I've played) as well as one of the most fun to play. The basic combos are all quite easy to pick up, and some success against computer opponents can be had by button mashing. Mashing of course is something you'll only want to do very early on :P there are also some good tutorials in MK9 that will teach all the basics.
Another excellent fighter to pick up that is a step higher in complexity than MK9 is Injustice gods Among us. This DC comic fighter is also made by the same people who made MK9 and there are similarities in the mechanics, but there are also added ones, such as interactions with the environment during combat, as well as hero/villain powers. Injustice also features a combat clash system in which combatants wager different amounts of their super meters to win the clash. The winner gaining some health and doing some damage to the loser. Going from MK9 to Injustice is a good transition for skill level and I also highly recommend both games as there mechanics and game play are great!
Now, I have also played Super Street Fighter IV and it is insane! It has a much more difficult learning curve as the combat is extremely fast and combos more awkward to pull off due to the nature of how the player inputs the movements. The reason for this is that many combos are moving the control stick in quarter, half, and full circles, as well as zig-zags and other movements. MK and Injustice both have simpler "Down, forward, triangle" combinations and others of similar nature. I have had success in learning combos in SSFIV but when I went online I was absolutely decimated (Even after hours of practicing the combos, fighting computers, and even looking up some strategies for my character, I still got beaten to a pulp in online matches).
So, my advice to whoever is looking to get into fighters, start with something like MK or Injustice, then move up from there.
Hope you enjoyed!
Keep being awesome!
I'm That Dude

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