Sunday, 8 September 2013

Welcome to Chillbr0! Plus Updates!

Hello my awesome readers!

I am happy to welcome a new writer to my blog!
Everyone say hello to my good friend, Chillbr0! :D
Look forward to possible future videos by Chill, and a possible redesign in the blog. I may actually rename it as it is no longer Thoughts of a Dude and a Dudess, but technically thoughts of three dudes and a dudess, so I may make a title that doesn't have to be edited every time an author comes or goes :P
But anyways, I hope to write more posts soon, I've just been having trouble finding the time and inspiration for interesting posts. I've been job hunting as well as planning my future, so kinda a lot on my mind.
Anyway, I look forward to seeing Chillbr0's future posts, and I hope you all enjoy them!
One thing I do still want from you awesome readers are suggestions for topics that you want to hear my opinion on. I will be coming up with posts on my own, but it does help me to know what you guys would like to read about here.
Until next time,
keep being awesome!
I'm That Dude

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