Tuesday, 17 April 2012

So Sneaky!

Hello my awesome readers!

It has been far to long since I've posted, and I'm sorry about that :( Been really busy with school and other random stuff :P
Well, I'll do an update on me post and a game tip for Skyrim! :D
What's new? Well, I have been practicing with both my bow and my throwing knives. Sooner or later, I'll do a video with my knives, but until then I hope to do more post. I saw a few movies recently, so I may do some review posts. I'm thinking of doing a weekly post at least. What else is new? not that much, and yes I just answered my own question. But seriously, I had a week off from school actually, so I was busy chillaxing with friends and I also started my reading of LOTR Fellowship of the Ring! :D I've read three chapters so far and it's awesome! Post in the comments, have you read LOTR? How did you like it? I love hearing from my awesome readers :D Now I have a question for you guys and girls. Does anyone have a request for some sort of epic video? Cyby and I are working on Eye of the Tiger, so maybe not a song :P (We don't want to over work Cyby!) I could do Parkour vids and challenges! :D you can challenge me to attempt some sort of awesomeness. I'll pick my favorite challenge and do the vlog on it, and also give some advertisement of the person's blog (If said blog exists). That's about it for this post, see the game tip below for Skyrim sneak leveling.
Keep being awesome!
I'm That Dude.


  1. I am in chapter 3 in The Fellowship also! I agree so far it is awesome!
    Thanks for the Skyrim tip. I am a High Elf Mage. More Skyrim videos would be great, maybe you could take on a dragon in your next video.
    I was going leave a longer comment then I took an arrow in the knee. :P

    P.S. FUS RO DAH!


    1. Sweet deal man! When you finish it, you should do a review comparing the movie to the book. Just an idea :)
      You are most welcome! Sweet! My next tips on magic leveling will probably be fairly useful to you then. They are coming :D
      Ahaha good one! but it makes you wonder... who's shooting all these people in the knee?!

  2. Hmm...you and Cyby could do a video where you act out a scene from a movie. :P Or do a parody of a movie.

    1. I like that idea :D I'll see what Cyby thinks and we'll probs do a parody after we get Eye of the Tiger done. Thanks for the suggestion :D