Sunday, 22 April 2012

Foundation of The Friendship

Hello my awesome readers.
Here is my first Thought of the Week post!

In my life, I have noticed many Christians and the way they try and spread the word of God. I have seen ways that have worked, and ways that haven't worked at all. First of all, I've seen some Christians simply trying to ram their beliefs down a listener's throat, and this is a very bad way for someone to start their walk with God. What many people try to do when telling others of their religion is start with "The rules". They tell the person what they can and cannot do, and it is important to know these rules, but it is even more important to know about the foundation of said rules. What God is really about is love, and that is what we, as Christians need to start showing people. Not telling, but showing, because we need to let people see for themselves what a life in God does. You can be the most persuasive public speaker, but if you are not practicing what you preach, then what is the point? If we show love in our actions, and in our words, that is a far truer picture of life with God than a well written speech can ever be. God is love, and we need to be imitators of God. What I have found, is that friendship is one of the best ways to begin introducing someone to God. God is the best friend anyone could ever ask for, so we need to start showing people why. By showing kindness and love to others, we are preparing their hearts for Jesus.
Hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this topic. It's getting a bit late, and I have to do a few other things, so I'll have to end this post here. I will probably continue this topic on the next post, since I wasn't able to put everything I wanted to down. Post in the comments! Do you like this topic? Are there other topics you're interested in? I very much appreciate input, and I'd love to give my thoughts on pretty much any topic that interests my awesome readers :)
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  1. I'm glad you've started posting more! It was getting really quiet around here (yes, yes, I know...I should be posting :P).

    And I totally agree that if you're not practicing what you preach, what's the point? It's exactly if a father tells his son, "Don't kill people!" but he goes off and does it.

    1. Me too! :D though the last two weeks were a little busy
      Ahaha yes it was :P and yes you should be ;P

  2. nice topic. u described it very well. just wish i had friends. i only have one.

    1. Thanks! :D
      Again, thanks :)
      Aww. Well I hope that friend is a really good one :) Since it's the good ones that make a difference.