Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Years!!! :D

Hello my awesome readers!!
I know I didn't post this at 12 am, but I was at someone else's house, and I wasn't about to turn their computer on and start blogging :P so, it's a new year!!! :D What are your resolutions (if any :P) and how was 2011 for you? I know 2011 was awesome for several reasons :D met some awesome people!
Ok, so before I pass out from exhaustion, I'll put my new years resolution :P
1. I will not stay up this late (early) next new years :P
2. Gonna keep on living my life for God.
3. Gonna strive to be the best I can.
I'm to tired to think of more, so I'll post another tomor... later today :P
Good ni... morning :) and keep being awesome!
That Dude...zzzzzz


  1. Happy New Year Dude! I don't really have any resolutions this year. 2011 was awesome becasue I watched so many amazing movie I have never seen before.

  2. Thanks man! :D lol it's all good :P that's awesome! like Die Hard right? :D

  3. i so should my resoultions. hope to join a bible group this year if i can ever find one. keep on being awesome in 2012. :)

  4. @ Aalya Rain: a Bible group sounds like a pretty cool idea :D hope you find one :) and I'll try my very hardest to keep being awesome :D my followers do it so easily :P
    @ Jro: Yes! Awesomeness is... awesome! :P