Friday, 20 January 2012

Update on That Dude

Hello my awesome readers!
So, this is what I've been up to.
After my last vlog around new years, I pretty much just relaxed and enjoyed my two weeks off from school :P
Have any of you been to a roller rink before? Well, I went to one for the second time in my whole life!! (so far :P)
I also chillaxed with some epic friends. We had a gift exchange, and I got a piggy bank! :D but then someone stole it from me :'( hahaha I eventually went home with some candy and a minty dark chocolate bar.
Now I'm back to the old routine of eat, do school, sleep, and repeat. Though around the weekends I've got time to do some posts :D
So, as you have probably noticed, Cyby, from the Skating and tennis vlogs has become an author for my blog! :D It'd be great if you'd all give him a big warm welcome, maybe even an applause :P
Also, I'm looking for some more ideas for vlogs, and now is your chance to tell me a few ideas of what you would like to see. Perhaps Cyby and I can do a few more vlogs on random topics that you choose. I'd love to hear your input :D
Post in the comments, and keep being awesome!
One more thing. Look forward to two videos coming soon! I'll explain what they are in the video :P because  if I didn't, you'd think I'd gone crazy.( hahahha unless you already think that, in which case I probably wouldn't have to explain it.)


  1. i'm sure u'll figure something out. u always do, dude. :)

  2. Video movie reviews would be awesome. May be Star Wars and Lord of the Rings reivews.


    1. Sure thing dude! :D I think I've done a LOTR written review already, but I could always do a video as well.