Tuesday, 17 January 2012

I Have a Beard!!

Hello my awesome readers!
I'm so sorry for not posting in so long, but hopefully this makes up for it :D
I have been super busy with school, since it's the end of the semester, and I'm studying for all the exams. Math is of course the hardest :P
So, this some of my first game play experiences with LOTR War in the North! :D
Also, I'd like to dedicate the series of these game play videos to my awesome author, Alyianna! :D the Biggest LOTR fan I know! :)

Hope you all enjoy and look forward to a couple more of these :D
Keep being awesome!


  1. hate math as well. college math is the worest. :)

  2. I really like the game. I got last month.


  3. LOVE IT!!! If you can get this game for a Windows 7 computer, I would probably save up to get it! It looks so coolses! :P

    I'd like to see game parts with Frodo. (Big surprise.) Will you get to go along with the Fellowship or something? If so, I'd love to see those parts, as well!

  4. @ Aalya Rain: I can imagine :P though Math in general is not my friend :P
    @ JandJ: Sweet! which character do you like best?
    @Alyianna: Glad to hear it :D If you can, I would recommend you do that :D it is super awesome! If I meet Frodo, I'll for sure start recording :P I'm not sure, but I know I'm headed to Rivendel soon to meet up with Aragorn.

    Keep being awesome! :D