Friday, 20 January 2012

There's a New Dude In Town....

Hello, my friend's awesome readers! It is I, Cyby! Some of you may recognise my user from when I was in those vlogs with That Dude. I finally made my account so I can finally help out!
What I hope to do for TOADAAD:
~ Reviews on Rocksmith and other video games if I ever get one of those fancy cameras That Dude has...
~ Random quotes, stories and facts
~ And to just plain be awesome. :P
Well, that's all, folks!
Peace and chicken grease, my friend's awesome readers.


  1. Hey! Glad you could join Alyianna and I dude! :D
    Look forward to seeing what you post in the future. TOADAAD hahaha I like it :P
    Yeah man! My camera makes Kodak moments :P that's just how awesome it is lol
    You're already awesome dude! Since you were one of my awesome readers :P
    We should do another vlog sometime man!

  2. Peace and chicken grease. *snorts* Welcome to the blog, Cyby! Hopefully you'll be able to post more frequently than I do. :(

  3. so your the other dude. nice to meet ya. i'm aalya rain. or aalya, whatever u prefer. hope to hear more about yah. :)