Sunday, 14 April 2013

Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag!

Hello my awesome reader!
I know it was announced a little while ago, but AC IV is coming at the end of October! :D
I'm excited for this release as it looks like it will expand on the excellent ship mechanics of AC III! I'm however unsure of how the series will be with the introduction of.. pirates? I could see it working :3 but I hope the character isn't boring like Conner.. What I would love to see is a Captain Jack Sparrow Assassin!
Jack Sparrow In Pirates of the Caribbean- At World's End.JPG
That'd just be boss!
It's also an interesting idea, since the Assassins have been very stealthy characters. One may even say.. Ninja like characters :O Oh my goodness! Are pirates and ninjas going to come to a mutual understanding? Will the answer to the age old question of which is better be as simple as just combining the two? We shall see!
Hope you enjoyed!
Keep being awesome! :D
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  1. I agree this looks awesome! I can't wait to play it. :) I hope the next game could take place in Japan, if it could be worked into the story well because being an assassin ninja would be freaking awesome!


    1. Japan would be so cool! Playing as a ninja assassin would definitely be epic! And maybe the Samurai would be the Templars :O That'd be pretty cool! One thing that would be really cool to see in Black Flag is a change to the multiplayer. Like incorporation the ship battles into it somehow. Whatever the game does, I'm sure it'll be cool :D
      Keep being awesome!

      ~That Dude