Sunday, 14 April 2013

New Plan!

Hello my awesome readers!
I've once again been absent for quite some time, and I'm sorry for just up and leaving like that. I've been really busy with school and life, and other things, but I think I can make this work if I post on Sundays. So, look forward to weekly posts on the weekend! :D And I hope to bring some new gaming videos soon. I've been playing Red Dead Redemption, as well as Splinter Cell Double Agent, and I've just started Just Cause 2. I may do a top 5 games of the past year that I've played, we'll see, and I plan on continuing with reviews and whatever else I had written down in my master plan of posts. Until the next time, keep being awesome!
I'm That Dude.


  1. Awesome plan Dude! Glad you are back again! :D
    Anything video games are awesome, so I am excited. :)


    1. Hey dude! I'm glad to be back! :D I'll probably make a video game video today, then hopefully upload it tomorrow.
      Keep being awesome man! :)

      ~That Dude