Saturday, 27 April 2013

MK 9 There Can be Only One Scorpion!

Hello my awesome readers! In this video I show off my skills as Scorpion! In the video I thought the first matched crashed because of online lag, but after watching the video over it seems the person just left lol couldn't handle the beat down I was giving them I guess :P I have now solved the problem with posting the video here, so that's awesome :D 
Sorry for the times when the video quality drops, my camera doesn't always film really fast movement very well. Perhaps someday I'll be able to film with a better method, but until then I hope ya'll are ok with the current one. Also, I did another video earlier as a partial review, but I decided to do a written review instead, that way it'll be more concise :P
Keep being awesome! 
I'm That Dude

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