Saturday, 10 September 2011

Best Follower Award!

Thanks for the award Alyianna! :D

I have to:
List my first three followers, and give this award to at least three, if not all, my followers
Ok, so my first three followers are, Alyianna, JamesandJacob, and I either JT/King Valun, or Rebecca ( I'm sorry I forgot who the third was :P one of the two for sure lol)
And I give this award to all my followers!
Keep being awesome everyone! :D
Coming soon,
Blog reviews!


  1. Thanks dude! but Rebecca gave it to me first.

    P.S. Please vote on my "What are Your Top 10 Favorite Movie Villains." post.

  2. that is so nice of u, dude. totally awesome! :)

  3. Hey! Just thought I'd show some appreciation for my awesome readers :D