Thursday, 1 September 2011

Infamous Video Review Part 2

Hello everyone! :D Here is part 2 of my review on Infamous!
Hope you enjoy.


  1. around 2:00...where isssss it? :D

    Suck the life out him! haha :D

    OH! I think I noticed a glass shard somewhere in the last video! :D

    lol around 6:40, when you jumped down I thought you were jumping on a civilian but you were jumping on your shadow. :D

    Could you suck the life out of a civilian if you wanted to? :D

    The video was really cool! Do you have any LOTR video games? :D

  2. lol I know :P I couldn't find it :O


    blast shard but close enough :P lol since that vid I probably got it but I'll have to check. thanks it helps me to find those shards :D

    lol I always try not to land on civilians :P

    lol yes you can suck the life out of bad guys or civilians. Both actions get you evil points though. :P

    Why thank you :D
    I don't actually have any LOTR one's though I haven't had my PS3 all that long so I haven't bought that many games yet. lol though I haven't seen many LOTR games for the ps3 I may just have to look a little harder.