Sunday, 4 September 2011

Crysis 2 is Comparison to COD

Hello my awesome readers!
Well I just got Crysis 2 fairly recently and it is amazing!
Ok, I usually play COD but after playing Crysis 2 I've been given an awesome surprise.
Now, COD is fun, but I wish there was more strategy in it. Crysis 2 is a game that is built on strategy!
You are given a tactical visor (I call them binoculars :P) which gives you info on the area. For example, it highlights ammo boxes, weapons that are lying on the ground and tactical points such as an observation point, or a flanking position. It also helps you spot the enemy and you can highlight them on your map. I hadn't used this ability very much in the beginning but, I've started now and I've rarely been detected because of it.
The only time your stealthy in COD is when you have to be. The rest of it is just run and gun.
But, in Crysis (I'll just call it that. You know it's 2) you have many abilities in your nano suit.
Stealth is my favorite. You have the ability to activate your cloak, so as to sneak by your enemy or silently take him out (not to dinner I mean make him sleep with the fishes). Now you may wonder, well that sounds cheap :P the fact is it isn't. The game makes your cloak so that the enemy can spot you if you get to close. Also, it drains power very fast while moving, so you won't be able to just run past everyone in the game undetected. No, you have to plan which abilities to use for the situation. Also, when you fire your weapon while cloaked, it makes you visible and drains your power almost completely, forcing you to find cover and recharge.
I rarely use this ability, but now I'm being forced to since I'm infiltrating the alien hive.
Armor, is the ability to strengthen your suit against damage. It helps you take less fall damage when dropping from heights is the only option. I personally have gotten my share of running and gunning from COD so I do lean towards stealth. Armor does have it's uses. For example, I had to fight a heavily armored alien and he had a pretty big gun.
There are also several other abilities that fall under Power. Such abilities include, sprinting, and sliding, though I think there will be more since I haven't finished the game.
COD has some fun missions that include, flying a helicopter in Black Ops, infiltrating an arctic base in a blizzard in Modern Warfare 2, and driving a tank in World at War.
None of the COD games I've played have had any real strategy, unfortunately, and I've finally gotten what I was looking for in Crysis.
Just a while ago I was playing and I scoped out an area full of aliens. I tagged each one and made my way down from my vantage point and began flanking them. First, I took one out silently. He had been standing a fair way from his comrades so he was easy pickings. One of them suspected something was wrong and came to investigate. I waited until he had gone behind one of the barricade that had been set up to help defend the area and took him out with no trouble.
Now, you don't see that kind of game play in COD at all. Once the game decides the enemy has seen you, the enemy has seen you for the rest of the mission.
In Crysis, you cloak and make your escape and then either come back and finish the enemy once they think you are gone, or, you can simply continue on your mission.
The way you look at situations in Crysis is what really lets me enjoy the game. I like games that have action, but I like it when there is a balance of gunfights and strategy.
The online is good as well. It is a challenge since everyone has the cloak ability, but it is still fun. Of course, the online is more COD styled but with your normal nano suit abilities, it really changes the way combat goes.
The game modes are mostly the same idea as COD game modes so I don't really need to go into that.
The perks are close to the same as some COD but there are several that apply to the nano suit only. For example, faster transition in and out of cloak.
Over all, I have to say I'm liking Crysis better than COD, but I have to say COD has slightly better online. There are more weapons and weapon attachments in COD there is more variety in COD online. Also, it's easier to find matches online in COD since Crysis is moderately new and fewer people seem to be online.
I still really like COD but, I think I like Crysis more.
Thanks for reading my Crysis 2 review and comparison to COD!
Hope you enjoyed reading and got the info you were looking for if you were interested in the game.
Keep doing what you do best, which is being awesome!

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  1. Great post! I haven't played Crysis 2 yet I might check it out.

  2. Thanks :D

    It is so worth it man. If you have anymore questions just ask.
    And just wondering, do you use PS3 or Xbox?

  3. I use Xbox 360,Wii,PS2 and PC. You use a PS3 and Wii right?

  4. i'm not really into these types of games. what else do u recommend. i am a girl by the way. but i do love my star wars :)

  5. That's right, I just got my PS3 not to long ago and I love it! I like the Wii but it is missing a lot of stuff in games that are on other consoles.

  6. That's ok :D I do posts on new games that I either have or have played elsewhere. Also, Crysis 2 is a fairly new game and I thought I'd give my input on it. I will for sure post more Star Wars stuff in the future.