Thursday, 22 September 2011

School's Tough, But I'm Tougher! Blog Review: Scribbles of a Catholic Teen

Hello my awesome readers!
I'm very sorry I haven't posted in so long, but I have a perfectly good reason.
School started a few weeks back, and ever since I've been very busy. But now, as I'm eating a pizza pocket, I finally have a little time to write something!
Here is my blog review of my awesome authors blog, Scribbles of a Catholic Teen!
Now, if your looking for a blog that has interesting facts about music, animals, and Elijah Wood (like, a lot :P I'm just kidding), then this is a blog for you! Alyianna, also writes about events in her days, such as chilling  with her friends, days out with the family, and even different recipes. Her latest posts on animals have been very interesting, because I enjoy learning facts about nature and the creatures that live in it. One can also learn a little about Catholics, and also some excellent tips on strengthening one's relationship with God. I would encourage anyone to stop by her blog and check it out. Also, for any Taylor Swift fans, Alyianna has posted many songs by the artist, so if you Taylor Swift music, go ahead and check out her blog.
An excellent blog! I give it a good 9.95 out of 10!
Please check out her blog and I hope you enjoyed my review :D
Keep being awesome everyone!
I'm That Dude, and I'll be back later with a possible vlog!