Wednesday, 7 September 2011

That Dude's Special Thanks

Hello my awesome readers!
I'm writing this post to thank Alyianna and JandJProductions, because they are my first two followers and they have been great followers, not only because they are very enthusiastic in replying to my posts, but also, they have spread the word of my blog to their followers. I'm always glad to get more followers :D
I'm glad I'm getting such positive responses and I am also enjoying reading the blogs of my followers.
Keep being awesome everyone!
I'm That Dude and when I get time I may do either a vlog or written post reviewing someone else's blog.
Also, I am planning some more Star Wars posts. Though suggestions are welcome :D


  1. Thanks dude. More Star Wars post would and blog reivews would be awesome.

  2. star wars needs more posts so awesome it is. you could do movies, costumes, games, etc... besides we wouldn't be awesome without the dude around! :) HUGS!!!!

  3. Please vote on my "What are Your Top 10 Favorite Movie Villains." post please.

  4. lol well the Dude wouldn't be awesome without his epic readers! :D