Thursday, 4 August 2011

About Me (The Dude)

Hey readers! I thought I'd tell you a little  bit about myself (hopefully you don't fall asleep).
I love Parkour! It is one of my passions in life. Practicing it is a great experience because it pushes you to your limits and, if you keep with it, your limits will increase! I feel great after a day of urban exploring and it works all the muscles in the body. I feel recharged after pushing myself to the limit of my abilities and I'm still learning new things! If your thinking of trying a type of exorcise then, I suggest Parkour.
Archery is an awesome pass time as well. I've spent hours practicing and perfecting my technique. So many hours that, almost all my arrows are broken :( I have to buy some new ones very soon.
Survival in the elements! Always a challenge but so worth doing. One time, my friends and I went up into the mountains (not on the mountains but next to them) and built shelters to stay the night. I won a prize for best shelter because the next year, mine was still standing and the most preserved :D I came in third in fire starting lol Still, I love the outdoors and, I wish I could go with my friends this Friday because, they are going to stay out in the mountains (again, next to them) for two days. One match. One potato. So sad I can't join them :(
Hmmm, what else is there? Well, I also enjoy long walks on the beach, lying under the stars and talking about the great mysteries in life, and of course romantic candle lit dinners. But, since this isn't my Eharmony profile (not that I have one) I'll just rephrase that so it says, " I love chilling with friends, on the beach, in the malls, and talking about yesterday's stupid weather."
So, my awesome readers! What do you think of this post? Comment and please tell me what you want in my blog and I'll make it happen! Star Wars Vlog coming soon! And a Parkour jump of awesome! (from my garage roof which is a fairly good height)
Thanks for reading!


  1. Video game reviews and other video game stuff would be cool.

  2. I could review Infamous. Hows that sound? and as for other video game stuff I could always do a "Let's play" on something. Good? Bad? input is wanted :D

  3. I like it! I guess I should do an introducing post next...thanks for giving me an idea to write about! :D

  4. lol no problem! looking forward to it :D

  5. Infamous would cool. Do you have Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

  6. Cool beans man. Now I've got several vlogs and posts to work on when I get back. I sure do! for wii.