Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Video Game Review: COD Modern Warfare 2

Hello my awesome readers! Today I'm going to write my review on COD Modern Warfare 2! I just completed the game yesterday so here's what I think of it.
As far as a first person shooter goes, the game has a lot of action to offer. I have to say I was a little annoyed at times when I was being completely murdered from 360 degrees but, that may have had something to do with hiding in the middle of the road. MW2 can be frustrating because the enemy will keep spawning until you move closer to your objective. This makes for some frustratingly long street fights if you don't realize what's going on. The game puts you in the boots of three main characters. You play as an American ranger, "Soap" from the first game, and Gary "roach" Sanderson. You also have a brief role as an undercover American who is trying too infiltrate the terrorist organization of Makerov. The new bad guy who took over after you eliminated Imran Zekeav. The main story is mostly about hunting down the terrorist group but it develops a strange twist near the end. I won't say what happens but let's just say you are betrayed by one of your own. For plot, the game isn't the greatest but it gets by with the huge amount of action. As for missions, there are a variety of objectives ranging from, capturing an arms dealer to something as awesome as moving through a blizzard with a heart beat sensor and infiltrating an enemy compound. The Special Ops also add a great deal of fun to the game. Two players can play split screen on a large variety of mini, timed missions that, increase in  the level of challenge as you unlock each section. There is no co-op on the normal story mode and this is one of the games larger downsides. Online play is amazing and makes up for what the game lacks in story and saves the game from being just another shoot em up. A large variety of weapons and attachments (including the heart beat sensor from the story mode) and a great variety of game modes, make the multiplayer one of the best parts of the game. The downside is that a lot of the really good weapons are unlocked at very high levels so, if you don't mind waiting a while for the AK47 then this game should be just fine for you. One other thing about the online is that the killstreaks are all good but, the last one is a little unrealistic. If you succeed in getting a 25 kill streak then, you are able to call a tactical nuke. That's right... I also heard that, once you use it it ends the game. Slight overkill happening there but it is rare for anyone to get a tactical nuke so, you don't have to worry to much about your game ending in a radioactive mess. Over all, I'd say that COD MW2 is about 8.5 of 10.
Good yet, sometimes overwhelming firefights.
Less good plot.
Awesome two player co-op mini missions.
Amazing multiplayer.
Good graphics
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I will probably do a Star Wars Vlog soon after I've done the sports one.
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  1. Good review. Do you like Halo? I own ever Halo game.

  2. Yeah Halo is awesome! But I have a PS3 lol so I've only played it at friends houses

  3. Hmmm...by the way, do you think you could change the font, C (:P)? It's really hard to read.

  4. lol sure thing. I was trying it out for a short time :P it was hard for me to read as well lol