Thursday, 18 August 2011

C4cow and Cyby Own the Tennis Court!

Hello my awesome readers!
Here is Cyby and myself being epic at tennis!
I also answer the questions I got from the comments.
Hope you enjoy!


  1. lol that made me laugh

    Nice Einstein shirt that Cyby is wearing! :P

    So your last video was the Hobbit one? Actually, do you know what I saw? Somebody took They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard and made it 10 hours on YouTube!!!

    The wall is the best player, totally!!! :P

    I really liked your under-the-leg trick.

    Yes, I was typing in comments as I watched. I can only juggle 2. :(

    lol the bodywash commercial! Was Cyby in our English class?

    Then my rackets are very unhealthy! :D

    Hey I have the same kind of sound on my alarm clock!

    Peace and chicken grease. :P

  2. lol glad to hear you liked it! :D

    Yeah it's an epic shirt!

    Yeah, no idea how to make longer vids work on youtube... :P oh well

    The wall! I thought I was pretty good :P

    It was a pretty epic trick eh?

    It's ok.. I can only juggle two as well.

    no he wasn't :P not even at our school lol

    lol I'm not the only one who mistreats rackets! :D

    lol that was an old baking timer or something! :D you have an awesome alarm clock!

    lol Cyby's signature saying :P

    my response to your long comment is long!lol