Friday, 5 August 2011

C4cow's Drop of Doom

Hello my readers! Here is the Parkour video I promised!
This is a very high drop and I'm just glad I practiced the landing and rolls so much. One of the scariest moments in my life. In this video I risk my limbs for your entertainment :D (only because I was 99.9 % sure I could do it :P)
Don't try this at home (unless you do Parkour as well and if your ready)
Hope you enjoy it and, please tell me any other suggestions in the comments.
Thanks for watching.


  1. You could have killed yourself! :O Wow you're so brave to jump off that roof thingy. :P

  2. Thats cool! I have watched some parkour on TV I though it was cool.

  3. @J&J Ya man it is an amazing thing to practice!
    @alaw Either very brave or very stupid lol At that height, broken bones but, not death were the only issue :P anyway I've practiced a long time in preparation for that jump. There are Parkour people who jump from even greater heights.
    It's all in the roll :P and landing right. Thanks for your concern by the way :)