Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The Media & Boys

The media can change how you think. For example, sex is everywhere in the media...making lots of teens interested in sex, and thinking it's a good thing.

Another example - a few months ago, I got introduced to Taylor Swift. That was around when I started getting interested in boys (coincidence?). :P I'm that kind of person, who doesn't get influenced too much by the media (because I don't watch TV much, etc. and how my parents trained me). I tossed some of Taylor Swift's song ideas and took on some about the boy I'd like to meet (to be my boyfriend, future husband, etc.).

I want to see sparks fly when he smiles. :)

If I run outside crying after an argument, I want him to come after me.

He'll say forever and for always, and mean it.

He'll always "say no" to other girls.

Etc. etc. etc..... 

In other words, he'll be there for me. Always. 

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  1. I never liked Taylor Swift I am a John Williams, Lord of the Rings music, Beatles, Beach Boys and anything form 50s, 60s, and 70s, guy.