Friday, 19 August 2011

Awesome People!

I got this from an epic friend and fellow blogger! it said to recognize some of my awesome friends (lol wait.. that would mean all of them!) So, I'll get started.
Thank you Alyianna for listing me in your award!

Alyianna is an epic friend! She is my first author and has done an awesome job! Always awesome to talk to, Alyianna is a very kind and fun person and, I'm glad I can call her a friend.
Cyby! Cyby if your reading this you is epic! Cyby is an awesome friend! Always there for you, Cyby is reliable and a funny dude lol thanks for your help in the tennis vlog man!
M15 the unseen! He has been in the tennis video for about one second but he's an epic dude! He may not have agreed to be in the video... but he is very good at laser tag (I'm better but he's very close :P)

I think I'm supposed to say what a friend is in this as well so here goes.
A friend is an awesome person that hangs out with you after surgery instead of ditching you for ice cream, doesn't try and bribe you to hang out, is loyal and won't leave you stranded on an island, and does all the other stuff friends do :P
Thanks to my friends!
Keep being awesome!


  1. friends are awesome aren't they? so glad we all have some one there for us :)