Friday, 11 November 2011

Day 1: My Top 10 Favourite Movies

Well, the Dudess is back (finally)! I just got this idea last night...I am going to do a list of my Top 10 Favourite Movies! If any of you noticed the "Day 1" in the title, you might be long do these "days" go on? And what are they about? These "day" posts will be more about these favourite movies - my favourite characters in these movies, favourite scenes, etc. How long will these "days" go on? I honestly don't know! :P

So now I will start, going backwards up to 1!

10. The Lion King
Why? I think it's probably a mixture of Disney, adventure, and Scar. :P

9. Mulan II
Why? I don't like it as much as Mulan. It's a little bit of what my parents call "fluff," if you know what I mean.

8. Mulan
Why? It's filled with adventure, it has elements like LOTR (don't believe me? Watch Eomer's Bootcamp on YouTube), and it's Disney. :P

7. Tangled
Why? Actually, I don't have really any explanation...unless Flynn and LOTS of hair and adventure can be an explanation. :P

6. Prince Caspian
Why? I like it the least of the Narnia movies, but it's still pretty good!

5. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Why? I like the Voyage of the Dawn Treader better for its epic scenes, but TLWW has a really epic battle scene! I was surprised to find something so epic in Narnia, actually. :)

4. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
My reason was stated in the last one..and because Narnia can never be as good as LOTR. :)

3. The Two Towers
Why do I like it the least? I'm not sure. Maybe because it's in the middle of two movies...

2. The Fellowship of the Ring
Why? I could never explain why. :P

1. The Return of the King
And the top one is...ROTK! Why do I like it the best? No other movie can give me such awesome creepy thrills (like in Shelob's lair) and it has TWO beautiful/sad scenes. *sniff* Does anybody have some tissues?

Movies That Could Have Made The List
Anne of Green Gables and Toy Story 3

Why didn't they go on? It's just seemed to happen that way. I'm not sure if I even put the bottom ones in the correct order or if they should have even be there. But you get the idea. Tomorrow (hopefully) I will do a post on my favourite characters (and villians) from each movie. :D


  1. i love mulan and narina. so awesome movies. glad ur back missed u, guys. where's the dude at? :)

  2. The Dude is back! :D and no, just because I'm talking about myself in third person, does not mean I'm crazy :P there are plenty of other things to prove that lol

  3. Glad you got time to post Dudess! :D awesome post, and I look forward to seeing more