Friday, 11 November 2011


Hello my awesome readers!
The Dude is back!
I'm sorry I haven't been posting in a while, but when my old nemesis shows up, I must prepare for battle. By, "old nemesis" I mean Math, and by, "Prepare for battle" I mean hide :P
So, since it is Remembrance Day, I thought I'd do a special post.
I hope everyone takes some time today to remember the brave men and women, who fought, and are fighting to keep us safe.
Sometimes, it is easy to forget what a big sacrifice they make, and sometimes we do not pay them the respect due.
In the words of John Rambo, "To win a war, you have to become a war.". So don't treat today like a holiday. Like a day away from school. Treat it as a day to remember, and to mourn those who gave their lives in defense of freedom.
Keep being awesome.
Lest we forget...

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  1. i know i hate math, 2. got it right now in college. it sucks big time. glad ur back! missed u lots. :)

  2. lol they say, "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer." but I'd rather keep Math farther away :P It's good to be back :D I missed talking to my awesome readers!