Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Dude's Top Video Games

Hello my awesome readers!
Here is my top 10 video games list! :D
10 will be my favorite, so I hope you enjoy :D
1. Monster Hunter Tri on Wii is pretty good.
2. Red Steal 2 on Wii was another good Wii game.
3. The Force Unleashed. Great game, but it should be longer.
4. Infamous. I love this game! I really enjoy how you move through the world using Parkour.
5. COD Modern Warfare 2. It's got pretty fun missions for the main story, and a cool special ops co op mode.
6. COD Black Ops. fun moments in the missions, like driving a motorcycle, flying a helicopter, and a few other things. Online is pretty good, though I liked the perks in Modern Warfare 2 better.
7. COD World at War. I love old guns, and there are some good missions. Also, online is pretty good.
8. Crysis 2. Amazing! Much better in the strategy area, compared to COD. Cool suit powers, and some fairly good guns. Not as many weapons as in COD, but I think the extra suit powers and strategy make up for any lost fire power. It's not all about run and gun anyway right?
9. Minecraft is really fun :P
10. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood! An amazing game! I love how you move through Rome using Parkour! the Parkour techniques are more fun than in Infamous. Some really cool weapons make combat very diverse, because stringing combos together can result in some amazing take downs. You could dispatch an enemy with a swing of your sword, then shoot an enemy before he can get close, with your hidden gun. Destroy all of Leonardo's War Machines (spoiler alert!) and you get the Parachute! You can jump off any building, and glide safely to the ground, and if a guard is nearby, you can drop from the sky and take him out quickly.
There is also online game play, very fun, but I'll show, rather than tell, because it's kind of easier that way :P
Hope you enjoyed my top 10 list! :D I kind of added some mini reviews of each game, so I hope you found that helpful for when you are looking into getting any new games.
Keep being awesome! :D


  1. Awesome list Dude! I have Monster Hunter and Force Unleashed but I am definitely getting COD Black Ops and World at War. Thanks.

  2. i agree force unleashed should have been longer. maybe they'll make a third. :)

  3. @JandJ: Thanks man! Cool beans, what do you play Monster Hunter on? Cool, hope you enjoy them! :D and no problem.
    @Aalya Rain: lol maybe! Though I wouldn't mind a more current version of Star Wars Battle Front, I don't have a PS2... so I can't play the old ones :-/

  4. I wish I had Minecraft. :P My big bro plays Force Unleashed. You should look into Halo games. I myself am not a big fan of first person shooter games. Shrug.