Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Surviving Grenades is Hard! COD WAW

Hello my awesome readers!
Here is my short review on Call of Duty World at War! :D
This was requested by JandJ productions.
Hope you all enjoy it :D
Keep being awesome!


  1. Thanks dude! To play split-screen do you have to win the campain single-player first? Or can you play it from the start? Some COD Black Ops vidoes would be cool.

  2. You do have to beat each mission before you can play it split-screen, but it shouldn't take to long to do that. If you play online, then you can play through the whole game with up to four people. Glad you liked it :D any specific part of Black Ops?
    Zombies, Online, or Single Player missions?

  3. The zombies mode would be cool. Thanks for answering my questions!

  4. @ Aalya Rain: It was hard :P I didn't think computers spammed grenades on regular lol
    @ JandJ: Uploading a zombie gameplay vid right now! :D