Friday, 18 November 2011

What Up With That Dude?

Hello my awesome readers!
I was planning on telling you all what's been going on lately in a vlog, but I haven't had the time. So, I'll just tell you in this post.
I just moved recently! :O I'm still in Awesomeland, but I'm slightly farther North. It was really crazy while moving, and I was unable to post most of the time (For obvious reasons. For example, the computer was in a box.) and was super tired almost every day. I spent my mornings packing boxes in a huge trailer, then drove out to the new house and unloaded them again. They say practice makes perfect, so I guess I'm now really good at carrying heavy objects. Some friends helped us pack, which was awesome! Because without them, it would have taken even longer. So, a special thanks to M15 and John Doe!
After the move was over, I was uber exhausted, and for those of you who don't know, Uber is a measurement that defines something really big :P
We spent several weeks with the walls lined with boxes, because we were testing firearms and wanted to sound proof the place... not really. We can see the walls again and I have to say that this house is really epic! I was able to put our old tv in my new room, then I hooked my PS3 up! :D now I can make gaming videos more easily because of the set up. Look forward to some gaming vids everyone :D and tell me if there are any particular games you'd like me to play.
Here are a list of the games I have for PS3
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
Crysis 2
Force Unleashed (already did one but if you want more, post in the comments)
COD Modern Warfare 2
COD World at War
COD Black Ops
Infamous (also have done a couple on this one, but comment if you want to see more)
I think that's all of them lol.
And more news!
I went to an epic Youth Group a couple weeks ago! We went to the drop in center and served food to the homeless people. It is a very great thing to do, and I would encourage you to try it. We need to let the world know that we care, and helping those in need is a great first step. I also am going to another one this Sunday. This time, there are going to be games held at the place, and a discussion after (I think).
So after all that, I hope I've made it up to my awesome readers for being away so long.
I've missed posting and reading your comments, so I'm for sure going to get back in the groove!
Keep being awesome! :D
I'm That Dude, and I'll possibly make a vlog soon. I'm thinking of doing them on weekends when I have the most time.


  1. Ya, I think we're having some sort of a discussion. Maybe the same one about how you could tell if you were a Christian???

    :( I'm sorry that you were so tired after moving.

    See you Sunday! :D

  2. I am glad your back! I would like to see a COD World at War videos. I am thinking about getting it but I am not sure if you can play split-screen on the campaign.

    P.S. Thanks for recommending Die Hard. I watched and reviewed it. It was great!

  3. @ Alyianna, Oh ok cool beans :D
    lol yeah I had to get up early too :-/ not fun :P
    See ya then :D
    @ JandJ, It's good to be back :D
    Sure thing man! I should be able to do it fairly soon, so look out for it.
    You are very welcome! I really liked the Die Hard movies, but I haven't seen the last one yet. Have you seen it?

  4. glad ur back. i'm not a big video gamer unless its a star wars based game. i love force unleashed but i suck really bad at it. :)

  5. lol button mashing always helps when you're first starting out in a game :P

  6. No I have not seen the third one. But I will be looking for it soon.

  7. Oh, I've seen the third one lol I meant the fourth one :P the third one was pretty good.

  8. it would be nice to see some Uncharted... just saying.