Sunday, 31 July 2011

Coming Soon! (For real this time)

Hello my awesome readers!
I was going to do a tennis vlog last Wednesday but, as far as I know, my video camera is not water proof.
That's right, the rain came pouring down right when I got to the tennis courts. They are outdoor courts by the way and so I'll be shooting this Wednesday instead with my good friend Cyby. And possibly another friend who we haven't decided a name for yet. So look forward to seeing me be an epic (fail) tennis player! Unless it rains (again).
Please post in the comments on other things I should write about and also do Vlogs on.
Thanks for reading :D
Keep doing what you do best which, is being awesome!


  1. You can vlog about Star Wars.

    P.S. Please vote on our Top 10 Action moive list post on my blog please.

  2. Star Wars it is! I'll probably do it after the sports vlog.
    Sure thing! I saw that and was going to vote on it soon.