Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I Want Your Help

I just had another idea (lol 2 in one day!) I love sharing my thoughts but, I also love hearing other people's thoughts. So, if anyone is interested, I will pick a lucky reader (if they want) and make them an author of my blog. That's right! You can write on my blog! (what an honor eh?)
The way this will work is I'll read the comments and see who, comments the most, who has larger thoughts, (so more than a simple, "I agree." or, "Great post!" I want someone who actually shares their thoughts on the subject. And not someone who butters me up. Someone who posts what they think. Because I want input but I am also open to opposing views.) I will probably do this every month or so. Pick a reader who has stood out or even just said they'd like to write something. I'll review your post to make sure it's not racist or anything and then I'll just let you get started on it. With all that said, take it away Uncle Sam!
 Pay no attention to the U.S.Army part. They have a big enough army.
Oh, before I forget, please comment if you like my idea (or even if you dislike my idea because I really like hearing thoughts from readers. I'm also looking for more readers, so see the other post about Spreading the News. Also, in the comments, you can tell me other ideas you have come up with that you would like to see in my blog or other special honor projects like my author idea.)


  1. Haha I love the Uncle Sam pic. :)

    I love your idea! I so want to be an author of your blog (except I'm not a dude :P)

    Aack I just looked back at your blog post...I totally thought that you said "I will pick someone who butters me up." ! lol

    Would you like me to post your blog on my blog asking for followers for you?

    As I said, LOTR posts. Maybe music? More humour!!! :P

  2. Thanks I liked my idea as well :P and it doesn't matter because I'm the only one who absolutely has to be a dude lol

    lol so your first comment was buttering me up? Shame!!! lol
    Yes I would love that I totally need more people to read this lol
    More humour?! lol ok that's an easy request :P