Monday, 25 July 2011

Movies the Dude Thinks are Awesome

Hello my awesome readers! Here is a list of several movies that I really enjoyed.
I will list the movie and tell a few details about it and why you may want too watch it.
1. Star Wars Saga. A series of movies depicting the battle between good, and evil. It has many great characters including, a puppet named Yoda, Harrison Ford, playing Han Solo, a couple of robots, and an even Bigfoot! Bigfoot has a different name in Star Wars an that name is, Chewbaka (I probably spelled that wrong).
2. Cast Away. This film is one of the greatest achievements since pine-shaped air fresheners. Basically, the plot is about a man who gets lost on an island (or stranded is what I should say) after his plane crashes (he should have flown first class). He believes he is all alone on the island and nearly goes mad while trying to start a fire. After he stabs a stake into his hand while trying to get the fire started, he goes and grabs the nearest object which, happened to be a volley ball and chucks it away. His blood-stained hand leaves a face like imprint and he and the volley ball become best friends. Chuck Noland, the main character, is played by Tom Hanks and, is really cool because he does his own tooth removal at one point.
3. True Grit. Are you tired of those animated kid movies? Do you wish something was awesome and still had real actors in it? Well, your in luck. Because, True Grit, has John Wayne! No more waiting in line for the newest power rangers, you can watch True Grit, because it's been out for a long time... but it never gets old.  Filled with gunfights, children shooting firearms, and an epic fight scene near the end, True Grit is bringing everything you want in a western to the table. R.I.P John Wayne.
4. Lord of the Rings. Awesome for people who love movies with swords and axes in combat because they find guns to violent. This movie will blow your mind! In fact, I should have said These movies! Three movies to blow your mind three times more than if you'd watched a movie on an airplane while in first class! The Hobbits! The dwarves! The giant squid thing!
I may mention more movies in future posts but, that is all for now. Hope you enjoyed this post my awesome readers! A side note: numbers three and four are meant to be read as if the speaker were a movie announcer.


  1. Why did you do Lord of the Rings last? :( lol But yah, Cast Away was awesome!

    I remember I watched it later than everyone else and when everyone in class (including Ms. Dunn) was saying, "WILSON!" I was like "What?!?". haha :D

  2. My favorite movies are the Star Wars saga and favorite western is True Grit(1969)and I just wrote the review for the remake of True Grit yesterday.

    P.S. Have you seen The Matrix?

  3. Well Star Wars Saga is first because it's my favorite lol Cast Away is a great movie because it is less action but still has great plot and I really liked it. LOTR is third in like 20 movies that I call favorites so it did pretty good lol
    Fist pound man! Star Wars is Epic! :D another Fist pound for True Grit!(John Wayne one) I should see the new one so I can compare the two. No I haven't seen the Matrix actually. Should I? I hear it's got an interesting plot lol

  4. I agree there is nothing more Epic than Star Wars! The John Wayne True Grit is the best but the new True Grit is also really good. I highly recommend The Matrix movies they have some of the best action scenes in movies history here is the link to my review of the first Matrix movie if you are interested.