Tuesday, 19 July 2011

One More Idea

One word... Video Log! I just had the idea of possibly getting a youtube account and adding Vlogs to my blog. Not only will you be able to hear my amazing voice (lol) but I won't have to be nearly as good at my grammer! :D for some reason my computer is telling me that I misspelled grammer so.. maybe someone could point out what I'm doing wrong or maybe grammer isn't a real word. O_o even though we learn it in English.
Ok, as I've said before, please comment and let me know what you think and, yeah, just tell me if you think the vlog idea is stupid or not.

Thanks for reading my posts my awesome readers and I hope to hear your input on my newest idea soon.
Now I'll start on that LOTR post I promised.
and I leave you with an epic picture!
funny pictures - JABBA THE FLUFF


  1. lol...the pic!

    Sure, just keep posting posts like these (written posts)

    It's spelled this way...grammar. :P

  2. lol yes the pic :D

    Oh, yeah I was saying I'd add the vlog as a bonus thing or something. Not replacing the written stuff.
    lol thanks! Gramar,I see.