Tuesday, 19 July 2011

LOTR Movie Review

Ok, so if your  wondering if "The Lord of the Rings" would be a good pick for a movie night, then just read my review and it should tell you what you need to know to decide. Or you could read a professional review... no just read mine it will be better.
Now, the plot is a good one because, not only do you really feel for the characters, you also really want them to succeed. For example, I really hoped that Golum would end up being good in the end but, I guess lava is always a good way to kill off a good CGI character. The thing is I really started to like Golum. All through the movies I was hoping that Golum would make it out alive. That he would move into society and own a bean farm or something. Of course, someone had to fall into that volcano, so why not the CGI guy? Characters were very well played by the actors. I'd have to say that big animated eye did a good job of freaking me out about my next eye exam. I was really worried my eye could get, inflamed! (pun drums play) And those epic tree people really put on a good show. One even set himself on fire! Ok, that was an orc's fault. I often wonder what would have happened if that big boss Urakaii (or however you spell that) would have only shot Borrimir once. Maybe the dude would've been ok. I'd say it's a good family movie. I mean nowdays kids see plenty of things worse than a few orc heads on pikes. And Gimli makes the violence completely acceptable by making it a contest with Legolas. "48! 47! Oh! lost count again!" Yeah Gimli, nobody teaches a dwarf basic math. I liked the Orcs because they looked so cool. They didn't scare me at all when I was little. Those nightmares I had of being eaten by orcs must have been caused by something else. The actors bring so much to the movie. Like Frodo, his eyes are so blue! And Gimli, his beard is so red! The story is never dull or boring because most of the time someone's either taking out an orc army almost by them self or talking to an elven maiden. I'm not saying the orcs can't handle their weapons, I'm just saying Souran could get better hired hands. It seems the orcs can only dispatch the small children recruited into the army at helm's keep. The only advantage the orcs have is their numbers. Over all I really liked the movies and I'd say they are totally worth watching. The plot moves smoothly from point A to all the other points and then to the conclusion. The actors are amazing. The make up (orcs) is really real looking (as far as made up creatures go). and the action is completely woven together with the story to make it a story rather than a slaughter fest. I think most people would enjoy it so go ahead and watch it.
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  1. AHAHA that was soooo funny! :P I'll think about the Eye of Sauron next time I have an eye appointment. :P

  2. Very funny review dude. I just the review the movies the other day on my blog. I would say they are "family movie" I watch them when I was 6 or 7 years old but I did also watch the Terminator and Rambo movies when I was that young too.

  3. LOL Great review! xD