Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Thoughts of a Dude

Have you ever felt that something was missing from your life? A strange emptiness inside that, nothing you do seems to fill? You try and try to figure out what it is but, it just keeps on taunting you with it's mystery. I have experienced such a feeling, and solved the mystery. The answer to the emptiness, was that I didn't know God. I had been brought up to understand an idea, a philosophy, but, never to grasp the truth in the words. I believed that Jesus died on the cross and had saved us from our sins but, I didn't understand the love behind such an act. The day I did, I felt my life fill with love. I looked at my life and saw how far I'd drifted in ignorance. When I was young (a long time ago lol) I understood exactly what Jesus had done for me, and everyone else on this planet. As I grew older I began questioning things, that I'd always just believed, no matter what. I finally settled in a state of believing in God but, thinking, with all the mistakes I made, that I wasn't good enough. Light filled my mind as, for the first time in my life I understood the words my pastor was saying. During that same week I had gone to several Bible studies and each had taught of God's love and his sacrifice. I believe, that in that time, I grew to know God more than I had my whole life. His amazing gift of saving such sinful creatures, is an incredible act of love. All the times I fall I have someone to turn to now. Someone who is never to busy to listen. Always there to support me. The moment I was baptized, I felt an explosion of joy and a weight lifted from my chest. My church family, and of course my actual family, all came and embraced me (after I had dried off of course). Now I am sharing my experience with anyone who will read this and, I hope it urges you to look at your relationship with God. Is it what it should be? Do you understand what he did for you? Or are you in the same box of misunderstanding as I was? Remember, knowing God takes time. I should know, it took me my whole life, so far to figure out that he loved me beyond my own comprehension. If you ever feel that you are failing in life, whether it's at knowing God, or at making friends, or anything you have trouble succeeding at, remember these words. "I can do all things, through God who strengthens me." Now, I would tell you the verse but I don't always remember the verse so you may want to look it up on google because that's also how I found out who said this one, "

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill

So remember, even if you fall, God is there to pick you back up. And one other thing, before I finish this up. God looks at our success, when we only look at our failures. We may say that our failures outweigh our success and we are probably right, but in a way we are wrong. We put our trust in God and that is the most important moment in our life. Our biggest success. Thanks for reading my story and my thoughts.

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