Monday, 18 July 2011

Advice of a dude

Always take (and remember) advice there's plenty of less important things you can forget in school. Here is some advice that will help you to be good with groups, be awesome in the eyes of your peers (cause we know how important that is!) and of course, how to be smooth. (Because that is an epic skill to have)
1. Be spontanious
2. Learn to spell. (people respect people who can spell)
3. Wear sunglasses at night. (you know your cool when you can't see a thing)
4. Be random. (even when you don't make sense to yourself, sometimes you make sense to other people and they think you said that epic comment because of skill rather than luck)
5. Don't be shy. (Other people are just as scared of you as you are of them :P)
6. Have a gang. (people respect a bunch of tough looking teens.)
7. Tip your waiter. (Because your friends will know that the food you can't finish and want to take home will be spit free)
8. Don't eat before going on that really cool ride at the amusement park. (wow I'm old fashioned! Who says amusement park anymore?!)
9. Don't waste time with dictionaries. (they have websites that can make your life so much easier.)
10. All you need are a few good friends. (something I figured out a long time ago and something I later heard an old man say to his friend. Obviously I was wise for my age.)
11. Don't get mad at things. (It shortens your life span and ages you terribly. Just laugh at the things that really tick you off, and they become less of a big deal to you. Unless it's something serious, then you should be very angry! Only laugh at the little, unimportant things.)
12. Go outside. (the computer will probably be here for a while. Nature may be gone sooner then you think.)
13. Learn another language. (I'm learning Spanish. A romance language ;-). )
14. Look for personality in that special someone. (a good looking person could be a complete vegetable
  on the inside.)
15. Take time to just listen to people. (even if they have nothing worth saying >:D)
16. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. (that's right love your enemies.)
17. Don't do drugs. (duh)
18. Read my blogs. (they have good stuff in them.)
19. Be modest. (lol ^)
20. Never ask a woman her age. But even more important to remember. Never guess. (Especially in the 50 range. English teacher couldn't take a joke... joking she was really nice and laughed when I asked if she was 50.)
21. Make sure she can take a joke before making one.
22. Try at least one new food a week. (except octopus...)
23. Be polite. (It just works better that way)
24. Google a word you hear before using it. (Trust me...)
25. Last one and, Do hard things. (don't choose the easy way out. Unless it's math.)
Number 25 was from a book called, Do Hard Things and is a book written by teens for teens. I strongly suggest you listen to, or read it and I hope it inspires you to push yourself to your limits. Ok, so that was my advice section of this blog. Now, I need your import. What should I talk about next? Is there a particular subject you would like to know my opinion on? Just let me know in the comments and also, if there are any movies or T.V shows you would like my review on, then just let me know and if I've seen them I'll write a review. If I haven't then I'll consider watching it. So please comment and I'll be back with more, Thoughts of a Dude!


  1. Shy...oh that's me. :(

    Spanish is a romance language...ooh. :)

    Oh! Oh! Do a LOTR post, Gimli! :D

  2. Really? You don't seem shy :) You seem very outspoken, you say what you think, and your a very fun person.
    I thought everyone knew it was a romance language lol that's why people learn it :P
    Very well :D the fan has spoken!
    Next topic : LOTR The Return of the Dude