Friday, 22 July 2011

Thoughts of a Dude Vlog Intro

Hello my awesome readers! Here is my first entry for my Vlog. This first video is more of an introduction to the next one's. Please comment on how you liked it and what you would like to see in my Vlogs in the future. Hope you enjoy and remember to comment and tell me your ideas.


  1. :) loved it

    Please do a LOTR Vlog! :)

    Are you going to pick me as an author? :P

  2. Glad to hear it! :D
    lol I should have known :P

    Well of course! you not comment a lot and you also advertised my LOTR review on your blog. You deserve the "Write for the Dude" honor!

  3. I Subscribed to your channel on Youtube my YouTube profile name is jandjproductions1809.

  4. Cool! Thanks James and Jacob! I did likewise.
    and for my above comment, that, "you not comment" should really be, "You comment". Mr. brain must have been distracted or something.