Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Hobbit: Vlog Book Review

Hello my awesome readers! Here is Saturday's Vlog on The Hobbit! I'll probably make vlogs on the weekends so I may even make one tomorrow. I may do some video game game play in the future but, we'll see. Hope you enjoy this Vlog entry! :D


  1. 13 dwarves! lol

    You haven't read THE LORD OF THE RINGS? Wow you are lazy! I read them when I was like 9! haha :D

    No offense to short people...haha me?

    I loved all your points...and when you kept getting off the point, it was funny. :D

    Gandalf got the trolls to fight...lolz. :D

    Haha more variety...okay how about what kinds of music you like, and about on other books and movies? Review on some people's blogs would be cool? And how about old Disney movies vs. new Disney movies? And stuff like that? :D

  2. lol 13 right! :D but you got my 7 dwarves joke right?

    your not really short lol I know a short guy though.

    lol well ummm I had... stuff to do so, that's why I didn't get to reading em' :P
    no I said Bilbo Baggins lol
    Cool beans! I'll review your blog :D Mwhahahah! ahahahaha! lol