Friday, 22 July 2011

Write for the Dude! First Author!

Hello my readers! I am glad to announce that I have picked the first author for my blog!
And now, the first author is... *drumroll* Frodo15! *applause*
I hope to see many great posts from you Frodo15!
And coming soon: 
A Vlog on LOTR as soon as I figure out what to do for it (since I just did a review)


  1. Awesome, thanks! So how do I get added as an author? Do I need to accept an email from your or something? And I should just post...anything? Like any random thing? lol

  2. Your very welcome! :D yeah I sent you the invite to write for my blog. You got it right? ummm yeah anything you want really. It can be humorous, serious, cool facts, videos, and reviews on movies, music, or books. Just ideas, if you have anything else you want to write about then go ahead.